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    Looking at buying a generator/welder - wondering if anyone has suggestions. Need it primarly for emergency use (maybe you guys can share what you use yours for other then just emergency stuff - can use it more then) Want it to have quite a bit of power so dont have to plug and unplug stuff. Thought the added welding option was cool.

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    Obviously, how many $$$ you wish to spend is a big factor in your decision, one thing to keep in mind that for lots of electrical output the welding machine itself will be fairly large, hence a lot more expen$ive.

    One of our work trucks has an older Miller Big40 machine, which is fairly big and it puts out plenty of 110 and/or 220 power. However, it still only has 2 - 110 volt plugs and one - 220 volt one, so you will still wind up plugging/unplugging or have to use a cord with multiple plugs on it.

    The other trucks all have Canox Redcat machines on them, these use a 16 horse Onan engine and put out a little less power but are still useful. Also still fairly expensive to buy new.

    If you can shop around the used equipment market, you may be able to find something like that reasonably priced, and if it isn't going to be used day in and day out a used machine should serve your needs OK.
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    i feel a generator welder is very $$$$.$$ for emergency uses.

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