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Genesis ?

Albemarle Lawn

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I think these days Phil is just kinda laying low with his young wife. I don't blame him. Should still have plenty of $ laying around. He didn't spend it all and go into debt like Michael Jackson.

I knew a guy that used to work on his Jet, he always paid fast.

The Ripper

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Lake Mary, Fl
Every where I looked they had good reviews. They have been in business for quite some time which is also good. Just make sure you understand the paper work that thet require. This type of organization wants everything you do written down and sent to them on a weekly basis. Also their website sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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New Jersey
I would never work for general contractors. All they want is the cheapest price so they can mark up the invoice that much more.


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Plainfield, IL
I worked for Genesis for about a year and a half. They are slow to pay. The real kicker was this winter. They asked for bids on a bunch of Toys r us stores. They received all the bids, won the contract and then opened up their own maintenance division in Chicago. Then dropped us from the existing property, so the new business could mow it...by the way the property still has not been mowed or mulched yet. Bottom line is don't depend on the account every year, just think of it as an extra