Gentlemen, Start Your Mowers!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MowingInAZ, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. MowingInAZ

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    Has anybody gone lawn mower racing? I've seen them race a few different times and have a buddy that entered his Kubota in the stock class. I always wanted to try it, but my rear tires on the JD 120 are too large. Has anybody tried this with their lawn tractor?
  2. Runner

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  3. CutNLawns

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    Back before we were old enough to drink my buddy and I used to mess with giving the mowers a "tune up" My buddy who was a real wizard with small engines got into drag racing them. I give him a old 14hp Murry rider and he ended up sinking $10K....yes $10K into it for racing. He did the engine work and i did the fab work and it was lowered, tube chassis, chrome moly wheelie bars, Moroso 10K tach and for fun was a Simpson parachute also. It ran on Nitro Methane just like the top fuel drag cars which was a sight at night with the blue flames! Ever see a Murry rider running 70-80 mph?

    He Also had a tricked out, stretched, Pro Stock style mini bike with a 5hp B&S on alcohol that I had up to 60mph when I blew past my brother in his S-10. That thing was a scary ride. i was always his "test pilot" for his new rides!

    Never seen the riders that run the tracks in person just the ones that went straight!
  4. Royallawncare

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    Can we see some pics of those rides?
  5. CutNLawns

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    I wish I had some. He had many photo albums of all the "projects" but he passed away a few years ago and I'm not sure what happened to all his stuff. I'm sure his dad has everything now!
  6. Lawn Masters

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    70-80 mph? I want to try that ride! world record mowing pace. :p that would be awesome to see in action for racing.
  7. MowingInAZ

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    I've accually seen a Murray go 75 mph once. . . on a truck bed going to the dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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