Geogrid Under Pavers?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JimLewis, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. JimLewis

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    Ok. So we've been installing woven geotextile fabric underneath the layer of compacted aggregate gravel for years now. Stuff like this;


    From what I understand, that is common - to install this above the soil and below the compacted gravel, especially when you have heavy clay soil like we do.

    But I was recently reading on the Pavestone website and they recommend installing an actual geogrid above the gravel and right below the pavers, as in this photo:


    Do any of you do this in addition to the geotextile fabric underlayment that is down below? Instead of? Should we be adding this to our paver installations?

  2. Red Shed Landscaping

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    I haven't used it or seen it used under pavers but as in the picture I could see this under permeable pavers to help from shifting with the clean gravel underneath. I don't know how much it would help under normal pavers. That is something I had never thought of.
  3. JimLewis

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    Yah, maybe you're right. I guess I didn't look at the photo real carefully. Those are permeable pavers. And there is no screeding sand either. So maybe you'd do it this way if you were installing permeable pavers or something. I don't really get into permeable hardly ever.
  4. GreenI.A.

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    i was just recently watching a company do simular for walkways on a large park site at a college campus. They are laying probably 15k sq ft. From what I have noticed during the different stages it looks like they did a geotect on the compcted soil then there base like most of us do. But then they did the geotect and permuable pavers
  5. TomG

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    What that picture shows is definitely an edging "system" from I believe, but don't quote me, Snap Edge. The grid is actually attached to the edging and is used for permeable paver applications. The grid goes just under the pavers, and the weight of the pavers holds the edging in. I believe the grid extends something like 3ft under the pavers. This is used because it is not possible to spike normal edging into the large clean stone used with permeable pavers and have it hold.

    I have not personally used this edging with our permeable paver jobs but I have seen it may times from manufactures wanting us to use it. The biggest problem in my opinion with this edging is that it has to be laid out before the pavers are placed so you need to lay it out literally perfectly.
  6. TomG

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  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    With all due respect, there are some presumptions in this comment quoted above.

    We only use snap edge, and have used it for 16 years.

    It's a great restraint. And it doubles as a tool, it's great for using to mark the field for cutting radiuses.

    You do not need to install pavers before the SnapEdge is installed! That is 100% false. We never install the retraint first, for cryin out loud! SnapEdge will conform to however good the radiuses are cut.

    It's the best restraint out there. And the sun does not effect it.
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  8. TomG

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    Maybe you should re-read my post... Or you have never used or seen this particular edging we are talking about. I too use regular Snap Edge for normal paver installation.

    So you say you don't need to install this particular edging before the pavers? How you get the grid (thats attached to the edging) under the pavers after they are laid?
  9. big daddy b

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    Tom is talking about the Perm Edge, made by Snap Edge.:dizzy:
    Which he is correct, with the Perm Edge you cannot use it to mark the radiuses.
    That Perm Edge is really pain in the ass to use. It is really flimsy, and yes you have to layout the perimeter perfectly and plan your cuts perfectly.
  10. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    - You lay the grid (which I'm not sold on).

    - Install Pavers

    - Mark your pavers with a pencil for saw cutting using Snap Edge to trace the line.

    - Cut pavers with table saw (this way to not disturb the grid)

    - Install Snap Edge

    - Backfill edge of pavement with soil, mulch, etc.

    - Collect check

    - Deposit check

    - And hope it's enough to cover the payment on the $45k pick up truck with the cool sounding diesel engine...........


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