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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BlazinJake, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Hey all, I've been looking into this site for about a week now.. and figured it'd be worth joining...

    Anyway, I started my business, Lawn Enforcement Services, about a month and a half ago with Very little equipment and the equipment I have is by no means top quality. I've got a Murray 42 inch cut 12 hp tractor style mower (Used), a Poulan 21 inch 4.5 hp push mower (New), Poulan Pro (PP330, i think) weedeater with weedeater attachment and edger attachment, and a lawn sweeper... I know it's bottom of the barrell stuff but I do not want a large loan hanging over my head... I already own a F-150, so I had to buy a 5x10 trailer w/toolbox attached ($550), the Murray mower ($300), the push mower ($200), and the edger attachment ($25). So I do have a small loan to take care of but nothing I can't handle if the business dumps on me.

    I began business with 2 clients and that grew to 4 and within the past 2 weeks have picked up 3 more growing my business to 7 clients. I work full time in law enforcement, hence the name of the business..., so I'm not looking to have too many clients (especially with my slow Murray...) I'm hoping to be able to take care of this loan and afford a ZTR for next season, and upgrade my other equipment.

    Not really sure what else to add so if any questions arise feel free to ask, I'll see if I can scrounge up an answer or two.
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  2. nparish

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    Do you smoke weed? Your name seems to suggest so. Seems you have a pretty good start clientelle wise.
  3. larryinalabama

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    Hes a cop....they dont smoke weed do they??

    Dont pay alot of attention to the jokes in here, good luck with your business, and dont pul over the other lawncare fellers.
  4. BlazinJake

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    Naw, no weed. I obtained this name from another forum site. I've got a chevy blazer with air ride suspension and my name is Jake, hence, BlazinJake. I've just gotten used to it so I tend to use it on other sites aswell.

    As for the business, I appreciate the luck, I need it, the first couple of weeks I was working out kinks that the sorry rascal that sold me the Murray left me with I wound up replacing the motor because of a bent rod, and alot of other maintanence things, and a push mower I purchased prior to the Poulan gave me alot of trouble... I was almost ready to quit before technically getting started... couldn't even mow my own grass for a full month... then one day it all fell together and I'm glad I hung in there and perservered.

    I know Poulan and Murray aren't ideal "commercial" grade equipment but I'm sure most if not all know you've got to start somewhere and this is all I have... can only grow and upgrade from here.

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