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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cgaengineer, Apr 4, 2008.

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    I just ordered the Georgia Exam study materials both the General Standards Study Guide and the Category 24 (Ornamental and Turf). I was wondering if these study guides contain information on minimum required insurance for chemical application. Will I need a separate policy for the use of these chemicals or would my general liability cover my use of these chemicals. Wish me luck in my studies...I will need it (I will use my 13 year old son as my quiz teacher as he retains everything he reads)

    Right now I am strictly just mowing for my clients, but I would like be be full service and offer lawn chemical applications (Total lawn care) as well.

    My main concern is that I do not want to have to carry 2 million in coverage to spray round up which is what I will be doing until I decide to go full service (Chemical apps and mowing). If I have to, I will sub out my larger chemical apps but would like the ability to legally spot treat areas as needed with a backpack sprayer. At the time I don't think I have the income to support going full service but would like the ability to move forward as I see my business growing and customers start asking for total lawn care. I was told a minimum of $25,000 was required to carry or dispense chemicals commercially but I am unsure if this is correct...seems a little low. Would this $25,000 be a separate rider on my general liability insurance or would it be another policy?

    So how many lawn service people do we have on here that sub out the fertilizer and herbicide applications, but carry a backpack sprayer on truck for spot treatment on a weekly basis?
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    Bumpty bump!
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    Glad to hear your getting licensed before doing the work.

    Not sure about GA but in MN min insurance is all that's required. You may want to check with your agent to see if apps are covered.

    I work for a lot of cutters but none are license. Once they get a license they end up working for me 'cause they can make a lot more money than they can on their own.

    Good luck
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    The first step is to get the Cat 24 Lic. Then you will need to get the insurance policy in force, most liability policies don't cover the use off chems. unless it spells it out! You will need transportation ;as well as,application liability ins. When you have obtained both of these items you can then apply with the state of Ga. to get your pesticide applicators lic. It works a lot like your car insurance, in that if you let your insurance lapse the ins. Co. notifies the state and they will revoke your applicators lic. You cannot apply any fertilizers or pesticides without all three of these items in place(legally!!) The insurance is not that expensive for the piece of mind. I use W.S.Pharr in Atlanta and they will cover all of your vehicles, equipment and pesticide Ins. the one stop shopping will save you some money! good luck! I recommend going to the 2 day prep and test at UGA it's worth going for the prep.
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    Thanks for the replies mngrassguy and Turf66. My main goal right now is to pass the test and get licensed unless it isnt worth the extra expense for the additional insurance to spot treat during lawn maintenance. I guess what I should do is once I pass the test and get the required insurance I may as well use the license and apply ferts and do lawn treatments for my customers.

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