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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Bulldog's Lawn Care, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Hello all,
    I have noticed some links to information as to what all is needed for this business. So far it has mostly been for OHIO. Seems like they are real sticklers for things. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could go online for info for the state of Georgia. I live in a rural county and my local office has been real helpful, but I wonder just how knowledgable they really are. This is my first year and I know I won't be perfect at first, but I want to make sure I am as legal as I possibly can be.
    Thanks a bunch.......
  2. mccloud1

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    What kind of info are you looking for?
  3. Bulldog's Lawn Care

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    I am looking for everything I might need to do business. I have a business license, of course. I have seen where other states require different certifications to perform certain services. For example, needing to be certified to spray weed-killer or spread fertilizer. I can go to Lowe's, Home Depot, etc and buy the stuff and put it out on my own lawn but can't do it on my customer's? I could understand needing certification for commercial herbicides or fertilizers and such. I used to work for Terminix a few years ago so I understand the difference between commercial/industrial products and the products anyone can purchase at the store. I am wondering what the requirements are in the state of Georgia for things like that and any other things I may encounter in the future as my business grows and I branch out into more than just mowing.
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    What county in Georgia?
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    Here in Georgia, yes your suppose to have a license to put out any pesticides or herbicides out for anyone else, fertilizer or chemical spray. You can go to Lowes , HomeDepot or where ever you want to get your fertilizer, everyone and their brother will tell you what they think is best, but I suggest you find what best works for you and your customers lawn and run with it. I get my fertilizer supplies at HomeDepot or Lowes, whichever has it cheaper when I need it. I usually use Lesco Weed/feed it has worked well for me. Lesco Corp. does run special deals for Lawn Maintenace Companies, but you usually have to buy alot, if you have the capital for that, that might be the way you want to go. I also have found that Sta-Green's Weed control works real real well, in killing weeds and controlling them. If you have a weed problem try half Lesco weed/feed and whole bags Sta-green weed control, this work great.

    As far as certain certification for certain services, I have never heard of any criteria stating any thing for the State of Georgia. I have been in business for (13) years. For my service, I offer Lawn cutting, edging, weed eatting, fertilizing, areation, chemical spraying, planting, pinestraw and mulches, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, retention walls, rock walkways, pond installation, minor home repair and anything else a customer might want. If I can do it I will, if not I refer someone. I have bought what I have needed to start and when certain things came up that required certain equipment I bought them. I got bigger and better equipment as needed to best provide for my customers. Don't bog your self down with alot a equipment unless you know your going to use it and your making the money for it and with it. As far what all you need to do business, that depends on what all you want to offer. Keep your account close together if all possible, this will help you keep your sanity. I use either a weekly cutting service or every other week. The ten day cycle doesn't work for me, it's to hard to keep up with.

    I use a monthly calender insert for my book to keep up with when I am suppose to be where and what I am suppose to do and how many I have scheduled for that day. For what it's worth I take care of 75 residential accounts by my self. Part-time business, full time hours and service, Averaging 15 yards a day (some are weekly cuttings).

    I use a laptop with Quickbooks Pro installed to help with my accounting, this I could not do with out.

    If you are planng on having employees, you might want to check with the State of Georgia web site for info on requirements for that. On whether or not to have business insurance, I can't help you with that. I don't have Business insurance and have not had a problem, but others may tell you different. With no employees, I control what happens. If I screw something up, I fix or replace it, it's as simple as that.

    I think I babbling now, hope some of this helps

    Good luck
  6. AWJ Services

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    You will need a certification for Pesticide and Herbicide application.
    Ferrtilization does not need anything.
    A buisness license is required by counties or cities not the state.
    Insurance is not required.
    Workers comp is not required till I think 4 employees.
    There are no certfications required other than these.
    Most use roundup without a certification.
    Chemical application is very profitable and the certifications are easy too obtain.

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