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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by kgcs, Mar 12, 2014.

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    I will be taking the Georgia Low Voltage test this May and I have a few questions. The study material is 5 books! The test is 60 questions, four hours long, and is open book. My question is, do I really need to study that hard for it since its open book? Is most of the test common knowledge questions about circuits & business management?

    Anybody here taken it?
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    While I cant tell you what the Georgia test is like, studying for the test is a good idea. My journeymans test in CT was a 3 or 4 hour test, can't remember it was a long time ago. However due to studying with a fellow apprentice at the time, we both finished the test in 27 minutes. Not that it is a race but it was really easy. It is not knowing everything under the sun, that is unrealistic. It is knowing where and how to find the answer you are looking for. Chances are the answers to the question are all really close and not one of those silly things with 3 answers from left field and one obviously correct answer.
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    I have not taken the test, but would like to get the license myself. Have you worked under someone for a year or getting someone to sign off on you? That's one hurdle I don't understand. How can a business owner obtain the license without working for someone else?
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    Well the law says you need a year of experience but the person who signs off doesn't have to witness that year. Its probably implied but not stated. You can look up online low voltage license holders. I did that and realized that one of my former highschool teachers had one. I called him up, told him I needed help, and he signed of. He knew I had plenty of experience, heck I have 25,000 Christmas Lights timed to music on my house during December. (Story for another day lol)
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    The best thing I can recommend is to take one of the cram courses offered. They are a tremendous help in showing you how to identify in the course materials what you will need to access for the test. There are a number of questions about wire size and how many you can stuff into conduit. There are questions to make sure you know how to file your Georgia taxes! The test is really not geared towards low-voltage lighting practices. The 4 hours does go quick when you spend time searching for the right table in the right book. Having the license does set you apart from most contractors and will keep your job from being shut down if an inspector happens to show up and ask for it. I have also had to show my license when I applied for a building permit.

    Mike Buechner
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    Is there any course you recommend?

    The main reason I am getting mine is for irrigation. Out of all the irrigation "contractors" in my area only one has the low voltage license. I'm not sure if it's from lack of knowledge or just because they are to ignorant and lazy to obey laws. I just prefer to run my company the right and legal way and believe like you said, this will help my company stand out from the competition.
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