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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by PeachState, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. PeachState

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    from Georgia
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    Which do you prefer: Yellow Pages or Yellow Book? or neither?

    Is it worth it? If so which one has done better for you?

    I keep going back and forth whether or not to use marketing money in this source.

  2. maal

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    from georgia
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    I am going with flyer distribution and highly targeted direct mailings.

    There are enough customers in my area that are in my target group. I just cruise the neighborhoods, jot down the street names and numbers and off we go.

  3. OP

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    from Georgia
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    The more I've thought about it the more I'm convincing myself that the money I would put in the phone book would be much better served in another marketing direction.
    I really like the direct marketing to targeted areas on streets and neighborhoods that I want to get in.
    I'm not sure the yellow pages would even produce quality leads anyway.
    thanks, phil
  4. maal

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    from georgia
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    I agree the yellow pages are not as effective as foot to the pavement, grassroots marketing (IMO)

    Just be sure to tie in some sort of promotion with your marketing materials. Make the prospective customer an offer he can't refuse.

    When he/she bites, milk the first meeting as much as you can.

    Here is an idea :

    When the customer calls to redeem the offer you gave him/her, schedule the appointment far enough in advance to allow time to mail other neighbors a postcard announcing your presence in the upcoming days.

    Suggest that the other neighbors request to attend your meeting with the new contact so they can take the time to ask questions about your services.

    Be sure to generate reasonable dialogue between the new contact and the other neighbors, with you politely acting as the "moderator". Tell the new contact that "Ms. Johnson from down the street would like to attend, if it is ok with you"

    This will get the buzz going AND it might buy you some credibility as subconsciously the customer will associate your presence with one of her neighbors (which is usually a good thing). Ms. Johnson is trustworty. You know Ms. johnson. Therefore you must also be trustworthy.

    Get as many people from the neighborhood involved with your "mini seminar." If nothing else you will at least garner some goodwill that may lead to future sales if not on the spot contracts.

    It has worked for me.

    Good luck


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