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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Southland, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Southland

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    I am preparing to take the Georgia exam including the turf and ornamental section. Does anyone have any advice that would be helpful such as test makeup. I am not looking for specific questions, but would like to know how the test is weighted as far as true/false, multiple choice, etc. Does the test concentrate on any particular area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. cutting edge

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    Are you going to take the test in Tifton? If you are, I think that on certain test days they have some sort of review prior to the test. I have not taken the test yet, but I need to do it soon.
  3. Southland

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    I plan on taking the test in Tifton also. According to the 2001 test schedule, unless I am reading it wrong, the reviews are only being held at the Atlanta location on six dates. By the way, I see you are from Americus. So am I. Good luck to you on the test and keep in touch.

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    Recently i took catorgory 24,and basic handeling. If you are able to to get your hands on the vhs tape on catorgy 24
    {county exstn.) and watch all 5 hrs of it twice reveiw the
    basic handing of pestidices you'll be half way thier.most of this section is comon sence,once you r exposed to the language you wont forget......cause it will cost you big time.IPM.PPE etc....Part 2 cat#24 ..tuff & ornm...basic id of most common
    pest are needed mainly those pest that create a major economic
    impact....ei type of beatles,reconiion of alternate causes of problms,common turff promlems id,soluions,cause.Id of common weed in our region,simple calibration problems,how to obtain sqft, and calculate correct ammount to applie.
    hope this helps i had 5 days to study i feel i did well.
    Also Ga. requires you to show prof of ins.minimum coverage
    for this $65,000.00 not much but a definite start.
    so start checking around for rates another cost of doing bussiness.Record keeping of spraying and ammount etc etc etc ....will not only keep you out of uncaused problems ...
    thiers a heftty fine$$$$$$$$$cheeze lots of cheeze to hand over....brush up on your knowlege of water shed acts and enviomental acts take pertain to Ga theres about 4-7 of them .about 198 -200 questions and you need to score 70% or better to pass each test. We just had one in columbus 1/12/2001 check with your county extention office you need at least 12 people to take the test for them to show up in your town ....bring a check $25
    test fee.and you'll need ten credited hours of class time every 5 years. you can find these for free. good luck one more thing reveiws for the test can be sheduled though your c,exnt,office,and the test is given evey month in the DOT building across fron the state capitol one day every month.

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  5. Southland

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    Thanks guys for your input. All of your information has been very helpful. I stopped by the County Extension office this morning and picked up the VHS tape on the review. This looks to be extremely helpful. I should be taking the test in Tifton next week on the 31st. By the way the County Extension Agent said to keep the tape as long as I needed it. He said there didn't seem to be a lot of inquiries for it. Thanks again for the help guys.

  6. cutting edge

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    Please let me know when you return the tape. It sounds like something I need to see.

  7. PLS

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    Read your general standards book and turf and ornamentals book front to back at least once, if you read it through twice you will pass know problem. Most of it's common sense with a few trick questions for fun. Good Luck Guys!!

  8. Southland

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    Just took the Ga. exam today. The General Standards wasn't very difficult. I feel that I did well on it. The Ornamentals and Turf was a different story alltogether. I probably blew it completely. The mistake that I made was spending more time on the General Standards since the study guide was much bigger than category 24 and I assumed that it would be more difficult than the other. By the way Derek, if you see this post, the video is back at the county extension office. If I can be of help to anyone preparing to take the test let me know.

  9. ThreeWide

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    I took general standards and the O&T test (cat 24) a couple of weeks ago. I was fortunate to pass both tests the first attempt. My prep involved reading the manuals ordered from the CES.

    General standards was fairly straightforward. O&T required that you study the material indepth. You have to know the insects, turf and tree diseases in detail to pass the exam.

    They only asked a couple of questions on spreader calibration and calculating application rates.

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