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    Just gotta take a second and again recommend this dealer to anyone in the north Georgia area. Had a slight problem with the deck height on my Mini-Z. Took it into my dealer in Oakwood. They got right on it, but I had some accounts lined up. James put me onto a demo and out the door I went. Offered to meet me that evening with my mower, but was gonna be in the area the next day, so swapped back onto mine then.

    PJ...y'all got some awesome people selling your mowers!! I've known James for quite awhile, and he's a great guy. A friend of mine actually went and bought a mower a few days before I bought mine and James treated him the same way. I REALLY like my Hustler, and barring any problems...this will be my brand for the long haul. BUT, the REAL hook has been the dealer!!

    Awyway, had to share my great experience with everyone. Can't say enough good things about my dealer.

    Y'all have a happy easter!!
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    James is a great man, and it shows in his dedication to his customers.
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    Just went by there, drove a 60" w/the XR-7 deck and the flex forks around the lot. WOW. I am looking at the 42 and 44" models, but when I got off of the machine, I told James that I understood why he wanted me to drive that baby around. When I buy my Z, it will be from James. Outstanding dealer.

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