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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagwildcat, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. scagwildcat

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    this spring i bid on a 65 acre estate, mostly wooded, about a mile long driveway,inground pool, this house is hudge!!!, anyway i get talking to the owner, she likes my work ethic, says that im hired, when can you start, i told her that first thing friday morning i would start mowing, i figured about a day and a half for everything, mind you that parts need to be mowed weekly and other bi-weekly, so thursday night comes, she calls me telling me that she hired a guy that bid after i did because, he had a full time worker, and that my price was right on the the summer goes by,im upset because i lost a bif contract....... i get a call the other night, it was her, asking me to mow the lawn a do a fall cleanup,,, and she needs it asap because the other guy hasnt mowed in a month......i told her that i will see what i can do,seeing that she chose not to go with my company.... with all my fall cleanups i need to get done, and with getting ready for winter work, what should i do? i really would like to mow for her next summer, but yet, i cant let every one else that has been with me all summer down....... thanks
  2. AL Inc

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    If you really want the account and think you can make money, go ahead. Maybe pull a Saturday/Sunday and get some extra help/equipment to get the job done. Make sure you add the "that's what you get for not planning ahead" surchargepayup
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Scagwildcat, one thing Ive learned is if a person goes with someone cheaper they WILL do it again. If she just wants a one time job done then I would bog it to her and make it worth while. If you get it on a regular bases might work out but from my experience everyone I get like this does good to make it 3 or 4 cuts before they find another cheapo.
  4. bobbygedd

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    send a fruit basket
  5. Remsen1

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    Charge her more since she need's it ASAP, plus charge her for a double-cut since it hasn't been done in a month. Don't buy any BS about "I'll go with you for next year". She's already shown that her words aren't worth the air they pollute. In my case right now, no matter how ASAP she needs it, I wouldn't be able to even consider stepping foot on her property for at least a week cause I'm swamped. I'll be more behind since its raining right now.
  6. walker-talker

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    If it's good money and something you really want, I would find a way. If you need help, get it. I wouldn't poop off your other clients, but see is some of them would mind you waiting a day or two.
  7. Scotts' Yard Care

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    would I neglect my regular solid customers. These are the folks who have supported you so treat them well. This woman has shown that she has no
    compunction about breaking her word so she'll likely do it again. Why do her a favor when you'll probably get shafted for your trouble?
  8. stumper1620

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    I agree, I would tell her the only way I'm going to make the time for that is if she signs a full 2 year agreement that starts right now, and it will auto renew every year after the 2 years is up. noncancellable on her end for the 2 years of course. I would reserve the right to dump her at any time.
  9. marko

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    I agree that you should not neglect your reg customers. If you can squeeze her in, bid it high and look at it as a one time money maker. People like this are shoppers most likely always will be.
  10. MOturkey

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    Although it is human nature to think the best of people, this gal has already proven to you that she cannot be trusted by going with another contractor after hiring you.

    If you have time to service the account, I'd do it at the higher end of my rate schedule, and explain to her that that there would have been a substantial discount had she been a regular customer. I would only do this IF I had time, and consider it a one-time job, because there is sure no guarantee she will give you the time of day come next spring. Just my opinion.

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