• PPP The Second Time Around
    The Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020 passed in December contained $284 billion for the renewed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Click here to read the article.

Get a load of this!


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Hey its monkey face.:D How about we keep the politics in the Off Topic Forum.


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My main thought was the cartoonist thinks lawn cares are the largest employers of illegal hispanic labor. I like to keep on top of media steriotypes of our industry.
Do you think the labor laws will really have much impact on small operators (30 or less employees with one location?)
Will it help the big guys-brickman, etc lower costs and prices?


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Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Bill Gates
Well, I am Microsoft's / Bill Gates' MOST unhappy customer. And I haven't ever received a call from him wanting to find out what I am so unhappy about. So he doesn't even take his own advice. Why should he be giving advice on how to please customers? He just forces everything down our throats and uses illegal and unethical tactics to completely eliminate all competitors. His success doesn't have anything to do with customer service. It has to do with him taking the Mafia mentality and applying it to business.


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well i guess the bad economy is the up side to be taxed....:rolleyes:

Bush needs to go. sorry for replying to this thread, needs to go to off topic now. hijacked.