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Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Johnstone, Aug 19, 2017.

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    I encountered an issue today where a supply line finally split from the pressure of a massive tree root. The root runs perpendicular to the poly and controller wire, underneath both, and gradually pushed them toward the surface until finally the pipe split. I feel that cutting the root would be too damaging to the tree, and rerouting the pipe and controller line are not really an option to get away from this root.

    My thoughts were
    1) If I were to cut the poly on both sides of the root, connect a 90 degree elbow to each end and run more poly down and under the root (leaving room for future growth), would these elbows effect water flow too much?
    2) The above would not solve the issue w/ the controller wire - is it possible to snip it and reattach each individual wire inside, going underneath the root, and encase in something waterproof?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, thank you. See pic attached, although I don't feel it does it justice lol

    IMG_4996.JPG IMG_4994.JPG
  2. mitchgo

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    Yes to both- that's the best solution

    1) Cut and splice the piping to bring underneath the root
    2) cut and resplice the wiring to bring underneath the root- -you will need a few feet of wire for this- Not sure what strand it is but if you pick up a roll of 7 strand and it's more you can just double up the wire bundle to make it 14- use water proof connections and bring 2 Single valve pit boxes and use them as a wire splice box in the ground
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    90's are equal to about 5' of straight pipes friction loss. So 4 90's would be like adding 20' to the line. If that is too much the system is problaly jacked.
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  4. Johnstone

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    Thanks for the quick replies, guys. Much appreciated, going to give it a shot...
  5. Mike Leary

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    You cut the root, and we'll come track you down! That's a classic example of not knowing your gig: "Never, ever, install pipe and wire across a projected root zone!" I'd go under the root and repair the main with insert fittings, splice the wires and use 3M perm connectors. That's all you can do, at this point. You KNOW the alternative! :nod:
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    Your plan should work, I would just do 2 couplings and dig under the ends of the existing pipe to give it extra flex down if needed. Poly can flex pretty well without linking if you heat it a bit and know it's limits.

    Post some after pics.
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  7. kawasaki guy

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  8. Stillwater

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    Just cut the root and say some 1ide guy did it....
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  9. Without A Drought

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    Take a sawzall to the root and be done with it. Then fix the poly. Don't be concerned with the holy rollers here.
  10. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    Re couple the pipe back together.

    Use a 1.25 piece of copper as a sleeve.

    Done deal.
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