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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Pietro, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Guys, I live in NJ. I dont hear much about peoples lawn stuff getting stolen, but please take a minute to read this. This is strictly about insurance. I never had insurance on equip. Just a typical Commercial auto policy. I have an F250 and a 24 ft enclosed with EVERYTHING I own inside it. I was thinking....What the hell would I do if someone stole it all....Id be screwed. So I contacted my insurance agent. I have (4) mowers in there....3 Toro Diesel Z Masters and a Toro 36 walkbehind. Im still making payments on 2 mowers. I insured my Diesels for 5,6 and 8K each, (oldest being cheapest)....then I took an additional $10,000 umbrella policy to cover all the hand helds. There is also a little more in there to suppliment the cost of the mowers. (They give you estimated cash value.). My trailer itself is covered by the commercial truck thats $29,000 of insurance...against Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Terrorism and acts of god.....I was expecting a large number for this insurance.....guess what.....

    Thru The Selective Insurance Group....I pay for my Inland Marine Policy......$301.00 a year... GET COVERED PEOPLE!
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    One thing I also advise guys to do when getting insurance is to find out about the insurance carrier's average time frame for payment. An auto accident, when it is pretty clear who is at fault will result in a quick check, but something like theft or fire will usually have a prolonged time frame for payment, usually the policy holder will be waiting close to 30 days for payment. Most small LCO's do not have the capital or credit to go out and get all new equipment while they are waiting for the insurance check, if they loose all their equipment, truck & trailer, and they can't work for 30 days, there is a good chance they will loose many customers.

    A very easy way to avoid this is to be sure the inland marine policy covers rental while waiting for payment. Also check the time frame on the insurance, how long do you have to wait to get a check for the insurance? will insurance carrier pay directly or reimburse you? how long will they allow you to keep the rentals after they cut you the check for the loss? Some insurance companies will continue the rental coverage for a period after cutting the check for the loss. This gives you time to order the equipment after you get the check.
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    Are you saying that it was $300 on top of what you pay for liability insurance? (or your commercial auto?)
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    Glad to read this post was cuz you got inland marine. When I first started reading I thought it was gonna end with someone stole your truck with trailer & all contents!
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    Any deductible with that?
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    I pay $300 a year for the equip insurance.

    Deductible is $500.00.

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