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Get out of the cold or hurricanes

Az Gardener

LawnSite Gold Member
Phoenix, Az
Anyone looking to get out of the cold even for a few months I'm hiring and so are most of my friends in the industry here locally. It is a boom town here in the Phoenix area. like so cal in the 80s. houses are expensive to buy but not too bad to rent (lots of investors sitting on houses waiting for them to go up) and apartments are also reasonable. I do residential gardening, lots of flowers, selective pruning, mowing with reel mowers, we are just starting our scalping and overseeding season for winter lawns, then its Christmas decorations from mid Oct.-Dec. 1st I could use 3 laborers now starting pay is 10.00 for no experience and goes up from there if someone is looking to relocate permanently we have health ins. and other bene's after 90 days. I have a business model that would allow some one to start with no experience and within 5 years you can have your own company within a company much like a franchise without the purchase price. This is assuming you have some common sense and a decent work ethic. We focus a lot on education plants, trees, flowers, irrigation, low voltage lighting, fertilizers, soils, ponds and waterfeatures, fertilizer injectors, pests, diseases you name it if its in the landscape we know it and take care of it. Physically its a lot easier than the commercial mow and blow and go but you need to learn a lot more.