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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. DanaMac

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    I've been following reports of the Texas drought and heat situation for a while. Texas Drought Sorry to hear it's so bad. I'm sure it's a double whammy for some of you, given the current state of the economy, and now having minimal water to irrigate in some areas is probably leading to a little less work. I read yesterday that I believe it was DFW that has had 31 or 36 straight days of 100+ degree heat.

    Take care, keep your heads up.
  2. txgrassguy

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    54 days in my area of 100*+ heat - the last week and a half was 103-109 + each day.

    Some watering restriction has occurred so now my non maintenance days are focused with tweaking existing systems for max efficiency.

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    Where you in Texas for the summer of 80? This looks like its fast approaching that. What you are dealing with is what finally forced me out of the state I love.
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  4. bcg

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    The worst part is that the forecasters are saying that they expect the main weather trend that's causing all of this to continue for at least another year. Granted, these guys don't do a very good job of predicting next week's weather but it's still a pretty sobering thought. So far it hasn't effected our business negatively. Believe it or not, I've just started seeing voluntary water conservation signs going up in the last few weeks.

    This drought combined with the heat is the worst I can recall and I've been in Tx for 34 years. I see stock tanks bone dry and cracked that have always held water and have seen a local creek that has always been wet dry up 3 times so far this year. And still no rain in the foreseeable forecast...
  5. DanaMac

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    Isn't it the La Nina trend that is causing this for you? Same with us. The Front Range, which is everything on the eastern side of the Rockies, was dry as could be this winter and spring. Only the recent summer monsoon rains have made things better. But the farmers and ranchers are hurting.
  6. txirrigation

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    Actually for me business is getting better. People have completely lost thier lawns, and can't keep up with them watering by hand. Also repairs on comm systems are through the roof, with the ground shifting it is braking 90's and a lot of male adaptors on valves.

    I just had to hire another tech to keep up with the service calls. One property we have has had 2,500+ repair bills each of the last 3 months. That is also after cutting our repair rate in half because of all the work they have given us.

    We are also getting a lot of calls to come out and fix coverage on below par systems. Seems like the weather is bringing out every weak spot on the systems.
  7. DanaMac

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    You know, that makes sense. I forgot that in '02 I was doing the exact same thing. Service was booming, hired another guy, was contracted by the city to handle some stuff as well. I would think though that people would wait on adding new irrigation and landscaping until weather conditions improve. But probably not.
  8. Kiril

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    Funny how hot and dry does that.
  9. txirrigation

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    Landscape installs have pretty much stopped because the landscapers won't warranty anything without a system, and some give no warranty at all.

    I do not do landscaping, but we install for a few companies and they have pretty much closed up shop except for maintanence accts.

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    Landscaping in the Texas summer is the first clue you are dealing with a clueless landscaper.
    Install impatiens in full or afternoon sun and you really know the landscaper is clueless.

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