Getrag 360 5 speed

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mgardner, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. Mgardner

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    Looking for info on the G360 Dodge. What gear lube to run in it and pros`& cons of the unit. Had the truck for almost 2 yrs and replenished the trans last year with Kendal 75/90. The parts store looked it up and it called for 5w30 oil.Want it to be ready when snow gets here. Its ready just think that tranny fluid gets pretty warm and is HAS to break down a little.I`m not comfortable with 5w30 but I`ve been wrong before.
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    actually my buddy has a 91 cummins 2x4 with the non intercooled engine also with the 5spd trans and he's been useing 5w30 for awhile noe id say about 6 months its suppose to be better for those tranys sinse the output of the engine and torque is so high. he also has been tweeking the fuel pump and the 5w30 has been working out great even in the cold winter up here in wisconsin so far.
  3. Mgardner

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    Ive been dumping 5w30 sythetic in for quite a while run the livin dog piss out of it ,knock on wood, 235,000 still holding up. Always remove the cover on top in cab and shifter (just a big snap ring) give it an extra quart and your good to go.

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