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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Bobcat s250 NY, Mar 15, 2005.

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    How you guys doing? This year i am looking into using Pave Edge Paver restraints on some of my installs. The method that i used to use was placing all of the outside pavers in cement Then nothching a board and screeding the middle. Any variation in elevation was able to me made up with concrete under the pavers on the outside. Since there is no way to do this with the pave edges, What do you guys do to get the base perfectly level to put these edges down. For example i have a driveway that is 10x 20 with a garage floor at the top and a cement sidewalk to meet at the bottom. Usually i would Dig it out get the level close And wrap a brick with a string and stretch it to the sidewalk running directly over the edge. If my bricks were touching the string i was perfect, now without anyway to make up for places that are not level, what should i do? I guess what i am asking is how to level the base for use with pave edge.. Seems hard to think about how to do it , it may just have to be tried and see what happens. :help:
    Thank you very much in advance for your time and answers.
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    You could string out the line where the top of the pavers are gonna be, then place pipes down below (subtract for sand and pavers) and then screed the aggregate with a 2x4 along the pipes. Or use 2x's instead of pipe. Say you need 6" of base for a patio, throw down 2x6's at the proper depyh from the strings and then fill in between them and screed. So if your pavers were 2 3/8 plus one inch of sand get those pipes or 2x's 3 3/8" below the string. That will give you an even base. I am gonna look into getting a laser this year, I've heard its worth the $$$.
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    If you can't buy a laser then you will have to run alot of strings and constantly check your elevations with a tape. We get the grade close and then we place a magnesium screed on the base and look for any undulations of more than a 1/4" and either knock them down or put more stone in. this way can be time consuming, but your base will be perfect. Don't forget your finished product will mimic your base.


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