getting 2 week cuts to switch to weekly and pricing them

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, Dec 26, 2012.

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    The thing I have found with EOW, which I don't do anymore, don't have to, is that they want their lawn to look just as good as their neighbor's which is cut every week. A losing proposition for the LCO at any price when the grass is growing 2" or more per week.
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    The OP mentioned some were squirt and fert people too. He is trying to convert to weekly but might drop is price to compensate. Instead of going weekly @ 30 vs EOW for 45.... he could work up a price to his liking and get rid of some of the weeds too. He could likely charge a little more but then charge based on 12 months so they are paying less than 90 per month.

    I hate mowing weedy yards and then carry that on the mowers to my nice yards so it is something I am playing with for next season. I started a couple of clients on this program last year to see how it works.

    EOW 17X 45 = 810
    WK 34X 30 =1020

    or $210 for 5 treatments

    1020 / 12 = $85 a month.
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    Thanks. I'm still trying to work on the pricing as to not scare or lost customers. I don't mind eow as long ad I schedule them evenly. I make it clear that te level of detail will not be te same as with weekly.

    I have a few eow in the range of 35-45. These take less than 30 minutes each to do. Some are Fert and squirt also. I'm thinking of dropping the per cut price and offering weekly visits but may also consider a small increase if they want to stick with eow.

    I'm really trying to improve my quality o services.

    Many of these eow are seasonal and only get cut march-October. I could easily offer them a 12 month pricing with the understanding that some months we will not come at all. I fear early cancellation and collection problems with that. I also find that most people only like to pay when services are being Provided.
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