Getting 50+ accounts by next season

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by personallawn, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. schunklawn

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    here is my leaf removal flyer and then my snow removal one...

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  2. schunklawn

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    i'm trying.....they will be up soon
  3. IMAGE

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    Even if you have an employee that works 1 hour, you need to do workers comp. It is easy to set up. In ND it is around $5 per every $100 you pay the employee. Talk to your Secretary of State, they can point you in the right direction.

    According to the IRS, if your in charge of a person, and they are using your equipment, and doing the job how you tell them to, then they are an employee. If they use thier equipment, and they work on thier schedule, and complete the job how they want to, then they are a contractor.
  4. PascoPropMaint

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    Are you mailing out your fliers or handing them out?
  5. personallawn

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    I started this post and I was just wondering what people thought about one more question I have. I am trying to get the 50+ accounts by next season and I know its going to take a lot of effort, but are people going to be unattracted because I'm 18 years old. Its going to be my first year in business, but I have worked at the country club groundskeeping for a while and know how to run all types of equipment and I present myself very well? What experiences have you had starting out from not having to many accounts? What was your best advertising right when you started? Thanks

  6. shane mapes

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    the way you sound you will do go in this type of work.. just remember the more you put into it the more you will get out of it .. don't trip on the slow times and in the beginning it will be tough , but hang in their and good luck..
  7. schunklawn

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    i'm 22 and have a great gig going on right now. get a uniform with you business name on it and look professional especially bc of your age. Do good work and more importantly have good communication skills with your customers and be reliable. My business grew too fast for me actually. Simple character traits will take you very very far in this business. good luck

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  8. JayD

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    Thanks Steve, I never new that. I will need to look into this. I want to do everything RIGHT.
  9. grapeford

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    I'm assuming you're 19, live with your parents, and will underbid *(lowball) everyone in your area. Trying to suck the life out of guys who provide a good product, want to get paid for their hard work, have families to feed, and have invested in their businesses. I've seen it over and over again. If I'm mowing the lawn for $50.00, you'll ring the doorbell and tell the customer that you'll mow it for $40 or $35.00. It is what it is. You have no insurance, no overhead, and if you take one account from a reputable, solid owner/operator, then shame on you.
  10. personallawn

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    I hope you weren't talking about me when you said that I wouldn't be insured and I would underbid on every account because I will be insured and I'm not going to underbid on all of my accounts.


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