Getting 50+ accounts by next season

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by personallawn, Dec 8, 2007.

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    The best means of marketing I know of would be door to door with a door knocker/flier. You can have a company logo designed for around $200.00 and upwards of five hundred fliers printed. You just hang them on the door and keep gettin. My first year I did a half ***(and regretfully so) job of marketing and still acquired 30 accounts. I believe 50 would have been easily attained if I would have started early enough; say by first week of March.
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    Don't take it personal Ryan. You have a few on here who claim every new person who gets in the business must be a low baller, uninsured, uneducated, etc. Thank god for the majority on here who are open minded, intelligent and bring useful info, ideas and opinions to the site. Grapeford and a few others on here seem very bitter. Maybe we should ASSUME that maybe a new guy in the business took some of your customers do to sloopy work and cutting corners which the majority of the LCO'S do down here. I have picked up quite a few accounts from these types and I am sure that they are calling me a low baller, etc. When you are the new guy, you are aggressive, excited and take pride in your work and it shows. You don't have to be a low baller, just do what the customer wants you to do instead of trying to find ways to do the least amount of work as fast as possible. Some that have been around for awhile get lazy, get sloppy and don't take pride in there work. If your that type then I have no problem taking over that account.
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    it is very possible. you just have to have alot of determination and the right advertisin. charge the right amounts, so that you make money, and of course do quality work.
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    Some of us veterans have been doing this for a long time and we try to give these newbies solid advice to help them avoid some of the mistakes we've see many others make.

    Before August, 90% of all of these new guys will have failed in their attempt to start a business and will be wondering what happened. Believe me I see it every year, hundreds of startup companies come here looking for advice and one by one they disappear.

    Once they start to fall off the grid it's the established companies that end up stepping in and repairing the situation, every year we get dozens of calls from homeowners and businesses that are looking for help because their new guy just couldn't deliver or got in over his head.

    I could care less if you take my advice or not because I'm already established, I've been the newbie before and I'm just trying to help others avoid the pitfalls in this business.
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    And I appreciate the advice. I network with folks in my area with years of experience and I am honored that they chose to share their years of hard work with me so that I dont make the same mistakes that they made when they started out. I guess my point is the man just asked if it was possible to get 50 accounts. I dont see the point of attacking his character. People come here with legitimate questions and there is one or two that have something crappy to say. Just my opinion.
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    Thanks Dave, I'm starting to understand why a few people might assume that I will be uninsured and wont do a quality job on my accounts even though its wrong of them to assume such things. I appreciate your input and everyone elses help because it is realy beneficial. I've realized that starting a business is like everything else in life. When you start playing a sport, your not going to be the best athlete right away. Those who have been playing for a while might look down on you and might believe that you can't do it while some while encourage you and help you become better, but if you work hard, learn as much as you can, and don't give up, you will be able to succeed. I'm going to start marketing more and learning as much as I can so I will be able to deliver my customers with the best quality work. Thanks

  7. Wells

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    Nobody here is looking down on you but rather trying to give you solid advice. Your original question asked if you could aquire 50 clients by April 1st. (4 months).

    Many people are telling you that it is possible, but "very few" startup companies with little to no experience are going to land 50 accounts before the season even gets started. Not saying it can't happen just that it's not the norm.

    I could lie to you and pump your mind full of false hope or I could tell you straight up what to expect even if it's not what you want to hear.

    You could always start a "poll" and ask how many accounts people aquired by the start of their first season, think you'll be surprised by the results.

    By the end of your season I think you could possible be at 50 accounts but just not by April. Good luck to you this year and I appologize if I come accross as an azz.
  8. PlatinumLandCon

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    I agree. Aim for 25-30 by April (maybe closer to 40 if you do areation and score some customers from there:)) but try to get 50+ by the end of the year. It isn't impossible by any stretch of the imagination (I want to go from 12 in '07 to 50+ in '08) but it will be a mission to get there.

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