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Getting a beat up truck!


LawnSite Bronze Member
Vancouver, BC
Okay, I currently am using my 2003 dodge dakota truck for everything that I do.

I am in the process of buying an old truck that I dont have to worry about scratching and all that ..

What truck do you guys recommend and what year?

1) Has to be automatic transmission
2) Has to be v8

I was looking at the Ford 150 - 1986 : 1989 ..

What do you gys think?

I'll be using it for lawn mowing, hauling dirt, stones..

The Dude

LawnSite Member
Northern NJ
I have a 1979 F100 for that explicit purpose. It has a 302 and a C4 tranny. It is great for hauling brush and other junk that I don't want to damage my nicer truck.

Another plus is that when a friend wants to borrow my truck to move stuff I let him use my old ford and not worry about it getting messed up.


LawnSite Member
any older ford or chevy will do i would suggest an early 80's late 70's they seem to be built better back then stay away from late 80's with tbi or other fuel injection they always have computer poblems i have a 84 3/4 ton 4x4 chevy with a 350 and 400th trans it will pull anything gas mileage sucks though oh and get a long bed comes in handy when you need it


LawnSite Bronze Member
Auburn, WA
I use an '84 Chevy light duty 3/4 ton. It's sort of between a 1/2 and 3/4 ton, although it has 8 lug wheels. It will haul 2500 pounds pretty comfortably. It has a 305 V8 with a 700R4 auto, so it's not a powerhouse, but it does the job pretty well. If I were you, I'd lean toward a 3/4 ton. The mileage will suck either way, and the 3/4 ton will handle a heavy load much better.