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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevenf, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. stevenf

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    I will be picking up a Ferris IS1500 of a Scag tiger cub in about 3-4 weeks. My price range for both mowers can either get me a 19kaw/44" ferris or a 26b&s/48" Scag. I know that the Kawasakis are more commercial built, but are the engines different enough to purchase the ferris over the scag? What would yall do with this type of budget?
  2. MassSteelerfan

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    Even though the kawi is a better motor, I think a 19 hp is going to be worked harder than the b&s 26, therefore making the quality of the motor a null point in purchase. If the Kawi was close in hp I would go with the kawi, but if you do good general maint. to your machines eithere should do.
  3. topsites

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    The briggs runs fine for an economical motor but it doesn't stand up to my kind of test, comparing the two is like comparing a ford escort to a bmw, horsepower aside. I do agree 19 is a bit weak, but what I don't get is why such an expensive machine with such a small deck, you plan on using a 2 thousand pound machine on small lots?

    For me anything in the 48" range deck just gets a Wb, unless you're out cutting acres, then a 60" deck is more like it.
  4. stevenf

    stevenf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Im just starting out, planning to make as much possible business as I can. Just dont think a WB is good enough for me.
  5. cannondale23

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    I own a Tiger Cub 48'' deck with a 26hp b/s 50 hrs so far and no hiccup.(I hope a Donaldson filter is in the works for the els model.) The whole concept of commercial equipment is just starting to hit home. I look at a cutter deck on a non-commercial z like a z445 and think how would it bag a pile of leaves a foot deep and 20'w by 40'L.
    TC is one versatile machine you can use it in the fall w/ heavy leaf clean up, it sucks up wet leaves no problem. Scag bagging system is heavy duty, no plastic fan.

    The way it cuts / handles on all types of terrain is incredible. No lie it is " simple the best"
    Good luck in what ever choice you make, I listened to the feedback from the guys who post on this forum and made my choice, and I'm very happy with my decision.
    If your going to take the els floor model make sure it sounds right, I ended up demoing a TC at one dealer but bought from another because the machine was vibrating more then usual, once I went to the 2nd dealer and demoed the same machine there was no vibration, bought it there and then and never looked back. No need to own a sick tiger :)

    cub in wet leaves.jpg
  6. beano

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    Go with the IS1500. I have one and the suspension is like no other. It will allow you to mow a lot faster than the scag even though it has more hp. 19 is more than enough for only a 44" deck. Dont let the hp numbers get in the way of the better mower. Dont get me wrong, scag makes good machines but ferris is high quality also and you cant beat the kawi motor.

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