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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Clang's Lawncare, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Clang's Lawncare

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    So here is my question ...Do all of you have a web page .?I see that you can get one through YAHOO but is it worth it ...?You can build a page and then advertise though there but does it work?I mean its only 7.00$ a month but again does it work ...How do people find you ?Please give me some suggestions :confused:

    LBLC_LCO LawnSite Senior Member
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    A lot of people now a days have websites. I think it's a must for any business. Mine is done through yahoo and I've been pretty happy with it, I don't know much about web design and I think it came out pretty good.

    With yahoo you can easily click a button and it will submit your site to the top search engines, I think you can submit it every 2 days.

    I'd say it's definitely worth it, I just got the website this year and have picked up several accounts from it. Basically has paid for itself over the next few years already.
  3. MowHouston

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    Get your website.

    Put your website on your truck, business cards, flyers, etc.

    Advertise on in the Household Services section -every day- before you go out to mow. This is free and shouldn't be ignored.

    Consider advertising on Yahoo or Google Adwords. This is called Pay Per Click advertising and has worked very good for me in larger cities.

    You can't really just have a website and hope someone hits it. You have to put it out there.

    To answer your question, I get almost all of my customers via my website. About 10 a week. But I'm in a metropolitan area and I advertise strictly on the internet. Results may vary.
  4. mdvaden

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    Which is exactly the reasoning behind this page:

    Website Traffic

    The gold mine of the search engines is a limited resource.
  5. Raven386

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    there are plenty of free website designers out there too. I used Yahoo's Sitebuilder to do mine. Still in the process of being updated.
  6. JohnnyRocker

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    I have had a website for a year, and have found it impossible to show up in any search engine(and i dont mean showing up on page 200 on google), even after doing everything youre supposed to. So far a complete waste.
  7. Turboguy

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    Johnny, why don't you post a link to your website and maybe some of us can offer some suggestions that might get you to come up a little better in the search engines.

    My landscape part of my business is strictly hydro seeding and I never got around to a web site until earlier this year. I never did bother to list it with any of the search engines but even without that I come out as the first contractor searching in any city within 40 miles of my location. (Actually I have the number 3 spot behind another of my websites and yellow pages.) I actually had to raise my prices to discourage business a little and have turned down a lot of jobs this year because I get so many calls from my website.

    You can list your site with the search engines all you want and if the content and optimization is not right you still may end up on page 200. Sometimes some small changes may make a big difference.

    Post a link and maybe some of us can help you.
  8. HostColor

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    Yahoo offers web hosting services and many other website products. They were the first major web host to introduce "unlimited hosting", which wasn't the best move they would make. However they should be fine to host any average website.
  9. Tom3982s

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    Dont do a yahoo site. Get a domain name you like at a site like godaddy or namecheap. Then find a designer locally via craigslist or something to do a simple 4 page site for you. Just make surey ou get a good local. Go to google, type in lawn care and find some smaples you like, this will help the designer with your site...
  10. mikey.hill

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    What's a smaple?

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