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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by VRL, Feb 3, 2001.

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    How would you advertise or advertise through e-mail to offer real estate agents/property managers your landscape services/clean Ups/etc. for thier clients (home/building sellers/etc.)?

    In other words, how would you compose a letter/advertisement to these people?

    I do work for a local real estate agent's customers. They call me to renovate, clean up, plant, etc. their properties before they put it up on the market. This agent found me, but I want to search more like these people.

    Thank you for your time in advance on any tips on this advertisement.

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  2. KindGardener

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    A few ideas:

    1/ Get a Glowing testimonial letter. Does the agent love you (or at least your work)? Are they respected in their industry? Get a testimmonial letter from them on their letterhead describing how reliable/professional/reasonable/valuable etc you are. How much your work improves tha value of the properties, how much faster they sell & at a higher price, how they show better, how the agent has closed deals because of you, how the porperty owners love the agent more because of you. Just focus on what "benefits" the AGENT gets from your service (period).
    Tell them, you need this letter by Tuesday - ask if they don't have time to write it and if they are busy, as you know they propably are... even offer to "draft it" for them (have them edit it, print it onto their letterhead, whatever).

    2/ Make a list of the TOP "Listing agents" (ones who handle the "seller's side" of the transaction. You will find that 20% of the agents do 80% of the deals. Their names are engraved on the award placques in the reception areas of the office. (No disrespect meant, but don't waste your time with the others - they are not as effective as the top agents - there are reasons - just market the top agents)

    Call ahead, get the manager's name, tell them you will come by, you want to identify their top agents and give themitems that will help them sell their listings faster. Go there, visit the offfice, make your list. Write a BRIEF letter. Include a copy of the testimonial.

    3/ Offer to do a "presentation" at the weekly meeting of the real estate agents. Position yourself as an "expert". You can talk about some of the little things that substantially increase the "curb appeal" of a home... and how surprisingly little they cost (compared to how much they add to the value, or compared to how much the agent earns when they successfully sell a home)). Remember, the Owner wants the house sold, the agent wants the house sold, you are the expert on making that puppy look hot!

    Tell the office manager you can do a mini-training on "Pre-Sale Landscape Tune-Up: Help the agents "sell the homeowner on making those needed landscape improvements when the home goes on the market". Would a homeowner rather drop their price by $5,000, or $20,000, or would they like to keep price "up there" and maybe spend $500 or $3000 and get the place looking great, AND have it sell faster?! Now might not be the time to completely re-landscape (or maybe it is), but getting the sprinklers working, or the lights, or planting a little color, or cleaning out the planters, adding mulch... etc. These things should be done anyway - In California, the seller is required to "disclose" the condition of the home & the systems. Is stuff doesn't work, or if it does, it is required that the seller state it. (how convenient!)

    A well-maintained home wells faster, sells for more, has the buyer feel better about the place, about the seller and about the agent. See what value we add?!

    (Damn, maybe I'll do some of these things myself!)

    4/ Make it easy for the agent to find you. Give them cheap pens that have your name & phone number on them, distribute a couple business cards to every agent.

    If you are really interested in following up, email me directly - maybe we'll do some of these things together - I could use more busines with higher-end properties. I know this targeted marketing stuff works.
  3. VRL

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    Hey Will, I want to thank you for taking the time to write your Ideas. I see you like the idea of getting "Real Estate Agents" business.

    You and I like your Ideas. Let's talk further.

    Thanks Again.

  4. Premo Services

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    KindGardner these are really good ideas,I am seriously thinking about offering this type of work. My wife just started selling real estate and I have been trying to figure out how to go about this,I could get a lot of the one time jobs to fill some days when it is slow, and mabey I could even get some new customers as well and increase my revenue even more.
  5. double e

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    My mom has a realstate firm- I get loads of work from her and her agents. VRL if you write up a letter and give it to the agent that uses you, he can fax it to every agency in your raduis. I'll make up a new flyer every 6 months, go to my moms office and they have a button on their fax that goes to every agency.

    The work is great!- you might have to do a liitle of everything. I do so much hauling of trash and debris form houses, prior to settlement I went and purchased a 92 Chevy 3500 dumptruck four months ago. I even do minor moving for their clients when I need to fill a couple days.

    You said your wife is a realtor. When she sells a house, she can give the client a certificate for one free grass cutting, who knows could be a potential client.

    I've been connected with realstate agents for 6 years now. I would say I have 2 or 3 realtors at every office (20 offices) that use me in my town, We live in a beach resort town$$$$$$$

  6. KindGardener

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    Hey mow money-
    you're welcome for the ideas - hope you can use 'em!
    Are you near St.Ann,MO? My fiance lives there (she's moving out here in Aug - I'll need someone to take care of her yard)
  7. 65hoss

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    I cut a real estate agents lawn. He got my name as a referral from someone else I worked for. He got me several leaf jobs this winter. I expect to have more work from him soon.
  8. cleancut

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    This winter, I got bored and decided to do some direct marketing...I targeted real estate offices, condos, and apartment complexes...It worked beyond my expectations...Today, I submitted a $90,000 bid to a homeowners assoc. that contacted me because of the letters..I think that I will more than likely get the account..I've submitted bids totalling around $250,000, in the last month, that is a direct result of the marketing..I'm expecting to receive several more calls..Derrick
  9. KindGardener

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    cleancut: I'd like to see what you sent!
  10. Groundcover Solutions

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    cleancut could i get a look at that letter too!!!! could use some money like that!!!

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