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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by qualitylawncare1, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Hey guys I have been doing this for 2 years now. I own a printing company and I put out lots of printed flyers and other information. I for some reason cannot seem to get any new yards other than the accounts that i already have. I (from what my customers have told me) make the lawns look very professional and clean, so with that being said is there any one particular way that I can get my foot in more doors? One of my problems around here is there are tons of guys doing this and a few are lowballing so bad that I cant unload my mower for what they are doing the whole deal for! I have some letters that I am going to be sending out this year but what is a good month to send those out? Thanks
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    put yourself in more places. try the newspaper...they will have a billion ways to advertise, do you have a sign on your truck?, give your clients a discount if they send you new clients...word of mouth is the best way to do business. offer more than just will meet alot of people that you will later mow for through a random odd job.
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    I had some luck with a coupon on my flyer for a free cut nut make sure you put on coupon pay for first 5 cuts get 5th free
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    We always had good luck with a referral program. Offer current customers say $20-$30 for a new customer that signs up. That will get the word of mouth thing going. Plus they will recommend you, so price won't figure in as much. People are more likely to go with a company based on a recommendation even if they have to pay a little extra. Only problem is, you won't get to many of these. It's a good way to gain a few, but not something to gain 100 customers.

    Try targeting certain neighborhoods where you do the most business. Areas where people have seen you working or have seen your truck. Change the flyers to neighborhood or block specific. Like "I provide service for a few of your neighbors, etc etc." It might be just one, but the point is, they will feel a little more at ease to call you if some neighbors already do business with you.
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    Depends on your area.. Word of mouth is always the BEST!
    I started off with the local paper, yellow pages and everything that I could find free online.

    Good Luck!

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