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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by iMOW LAWNCARE, Apr 14, 2008.


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    I'm just starting my business. I've been reading on here for a while and this is my first post. Lots of good info here. What is the most effective way to get new accounts? I've been flyering neighborhoods and talking to people alot, and I only have a small had full of clients. Although we haven't had much of a spring here yet, dry and cold for the most part. I have roughly 2000 flyers out. Hopefully it will pick up.
  2. j05h22

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    I've found that once you get out and mowing the neighbors notice (if you do a good job ha ha) and ask for your card. So make sure you have business cards b/c people tend to blow you off if you don't... Also signs do me good to, try Good luck! :)
  3. rcracer

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    pass out fliers to I have passed out about 150 fliers and have gotten about 6 accounts from that. And also word of mouth, I have had a few people call that people referred me to them. Good luck this year:usflag:
  4. ALC-GregH

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    rcracer, whats up with the name? Do you race r/c cars?
  5. rcracer

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    Yeah I race 1/8 scale offroad and 1/8 dirt oval. On the offroad I have a CEN Matrix truggy and the dirt oval I have a Ofna Lx it is alot of fun to get out there and air them out and dice it up! I can put some pics up of my truggy if you would like:usflag:
  6. marathonmow

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    I've found that a lot of people aren't thinking about their grass until it should have been mowed 2 weeks ago. Then they call. I've only used my web site and other searches, so they find me. So, wait until the grass is growing.
  7. ALC-GregH

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    I've been racing for 15 years. I race the XB8EC in buggy only. No truggy, I tried it and I can't wheel the buggy as good after running truggy. LOL
    Have you ever raced at Real R/C? I was at the 2000 ROAR nats when Kinwald wheeled everyone. Heres my ride. :)[​IMG]
  8. ALC-GregH

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    that was before I went to CRCRC in Ohio. Thats why you see the Switches on there. I usually run CrimeFighters everywhere else. :)

    Sorry for robbing the thread.
  9. Buddy Buds

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    :walking:I've sent out postcards and run a couple of ads in the paper. The paper has been more effective for me. I've gotten eleven last week and today.
  10. ponyboy

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    just low ball like most other newbies and from what i have seen this year some of the bigger lco guess they are working just pay bills not make a profit, it is gonna be a tough year. Seriously signs and business cards along with quality work once the wheather warms up you should get some calls good luck

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