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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jhengen, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. jhengen

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    I'm just getting into lawn cutting and was wondering what was the best way to get accounts. Any advice would be great.

    Thank You
  2. Lots of flyers on the front doors of houses where you want to work
  3. stslawncare

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    yupp. flyers and other forms of advertising
  4. What Scottie no "do a search"?

    And the "other forms" are?

    Come on now, If you are going to post lets see some typing.

    Door knob hangers
    Coupon mailers
    Direct mailers
  5. yardboyltd

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    Sorry there is no 'best' way to get accounts. It's not like you can send off for a kit and it will work perfectly evertime in every area.

    Sometimes I'm astonished at business's lack of confidence and common sense. Come on think about it, put yourself in the shoes of a the person you want to market to. What turn's them on, what turn's them off? What form of media do they come into contact with the most?
  6. ealbertson

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    Flyers at any high traffic areas with billboards (In the general area you want to do business - try not to take lawns way off they will turn into a pain.). Also, leave business cards with them ( tack them to the corner of the flyer if need be.). I also had the local newspaper put flyers in the paper as inserts. You know those anoying things that fall out of the paper when you open it. They probably worked the best for me. Also, if you are doing more than just mowing add the following to all your advertisments: NO JOB TOO SMALL. Yes alot of the jobs you get will not be worth much but in most cases you will get more work out of it. The key, as I think most people here will agree, is do a good job, do a good job, do a good job. This goes even for those jobs that you underestimated and feel you are losing your shirt on. As well as with the difficult customers. Treat them well and put up with it and in most cases things will work out in your favor. Also, try not to underestimate a job just to get it. You will regret it later. You may also think about adding a line about vacation mowing. This has worked well for me. You may check with some of the big guys in your area to see if they contract out any of their lawns. I hope this helps. I know I got off subject a little.
    Good Luck,

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