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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by formerscrub, Jun 24, 2005.

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    I use to mow lawns about 3 years ago on a part-time basis. I had to stop because of a career change and completely stopped. Now I have some extra time and want to start up again except being completely legit ( insurance, license, decent equipment) I want to start out with a 32 inch WB as my main source of cutting and I am thinking about the Encore belt drive. I did a search and it seems that they are an "ok"unit but I didnt really find out alot about them being reliable. Anyone have any input? The WB that I found from the encore dealer was $1700.00. Does that sound about right or is her selling me something that is more geared toward a homeowner?
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    I started with a 32 Exmark belt, Former. I have added 44 and 48 belts, but the 32 gets a lot of use for small gates. The 32 Metro wasn't all that much more than Encore with discount off list which was 2399 in 2004.

    I've never regretted buying the 32, and the only downside is that it is time consuming to change the cutting height if the rear axle carriers have to be adjusted. I have learned to avoid that by careful scheduling. Small height changes can be done with the caster spacers which is easy, but keep everything clean or else buy lots of caster yokes and bushings. Sand will wear them out fast.

    Belt drive wb's are fairly easy and economical to maintain.

    We have only Scag, Exmark, and Toro dealers nearby and Exmark was the best buy.
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    If it appears illogical to have a 44 and a 48, the 44 had been sitting up and got it for a few hundred bucks. Cleaned the carb, solved a blade drive belt vibration problem, put new tires on this spring, and it has been a good hoss. It will go in several gates that the 48 won't go thru and it is a good backup.

    Hope you have got more info on 32's.

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