getting back into the swing of things!

gotta love it!

7am this morning the dump truck driver hits the valve box for the irrigation. 3 lines crushed. customer comes outside and says there's no water in the house. turns out who ever installed the system rigged it up pretty good. so i have to get on the horn at 7am to get a plumber to fix it and check the house. the stump guy who was supposed to have been there on friday didn't show until today around 10 and says he can't get into the back yard b/c of the sand pile and he'll try again tommorrow after we move the pile. had to move sand under a 1800 sqft deck all morning. shovel some and then crawl under and help the help move it around. plumber shows up around 12:30 and finds the pipe is cracked right at the valve, off to the supply house to get another valve. the help finished with the sand and start to turn the yard under for 1800 yards of sod on manday. dingo breaks a hydraulic line around 2. figure, well at least get whats done raked out, get that done no problems. 4:30 comes around and the plant farm calls and asks "how's the dingo working out?" tell 'em its busted one of the hydro lines. 5 we wrap up and get everything packed away. 5:30 off to the plant farm to see if the hose that was robbed off one machine will work. nope! back hope after dark at 7:30.

oh the great joys of being self employed!!

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