Getting better stripes, without going over the yard twice? (HELP)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gofish, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. gofish

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    Do any of you ever have to go over a lawn twice to get better stripes? I run chains for a stripping kit and have found that I have to go back over some of the lawns I do twice to get my stripes to show up better! Of course this takes up time and cost me money, and yes some people don't care about the stripes, but I have a few yards in a neighborhood that everyone seems they are in a stripping war and too keep up with the compeition they have to look good or I am afraid I'll lose the accounts.
    any suggestions ya'll have will be greatly appreciated

  2. sildoc

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    get a proslide and gain a few pounds.
  3. Phishook

    Phishook LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sometimes it's the turf, water, fert, and light.

    Stripes always turn out better if uou double cut.
  4. tiedeman

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    do what I do, I usually the mow the lawn the same way (same direction) for a few weeks before I switch my cutting direction to a different way. This makes the stripes more pronounced.

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