Getting Burned in the Spring!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by hustler king, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Today I recieved a call from A M General, an account I take care of saying that they have a special thing going on and need us to come out before tomorrow morning. Not to mention they called at 2:30pm. So I get off work and im on the property with a worker and were rushing around trying to clean up beds and all that. When I bid this job last fall for the 2009 contract I assumed the previous contractor would have done a better job doing fall clean up but that just dont happen these days. So like a fool I bid the spring clean up @ only $150.00. We finished in less than 2 hours but I had 2 back pack blowers, My 52" ztr with acc. and 14 big bags full of leaves and dead plants. Ahhhh I cant wait till the grass is growing. Have a good summer guys!
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    charge extra for the emergency short notice? or due to the fact that the property was not cleaned up like it should have been? or just put it on the bill as a freebie, so that they notice that and appreciate it.
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    Yup, that one should cost them an extra $150.00.
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    I think I'm about ready to give a blank stare when someone asks for an estimate on leaf cleanup :p
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    :clapping::clapping: you're killing me!!!!!! Topsites, this is not for you, OK!

    Original Poster,

    For a couple of hours worth of work, I hope you came out on top?
    I believe by the response afterwards, it was money worth making!

    It is no secret that most of the commercial accounts that are tightly bound by contracts, do in fact account and pay for XX amount of mowings per year, XX amount of mulchings, XX amount of trimming, XX amount of other services provided and XX amount of leaf cleanups. The other LCO did his job according to his contract at that time. He was paid for XX amount of services and prorated them out over 12 months thus providing the growing season was only so many months.. The property may have looked like a mess, but he got paid anyway! You aquired the property now!
    Did you bid it the same way?
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    I was thinking charge for the emergency !!
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