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I'm sure most all of you have had this happen. What do you do to re-assure yourself that this is the right job for you. I'm am starting to get burned out and have been tempted to quit and get a regular job. Any comments?

Acute Cut

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A regular job? you mean one of them &quot;sit behind the desk and dream about being outdoors&quot; kinda jobs?<br>Or are you looking for a constant customer barage like in sales with a deadline and jerk of a boss hanging over your head kinda jobs? Ive had all sorts. Stick with it. If it ever gets ya down out there jsut laugh it off and tell yourself that &quot;I love my job&quot; and think of the alternitives. Maybe just test the waters at a &quot;real Job&quot; part time to see what you think. I know ill stay where i am because &quot;I LOVE MY JOB!&quot;


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I assume you worked for someone else at some point in your life. Then you moved on to own your own company. Why would you revert? We all question our moves sometimes, its hard not to when you work 60 hour weeks. But in the end I think its worth it. Just push on through and you will make it. Remember the summer droughts (and less work) are right around the corner! Unless your Charles or Homer and already have them.


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The only thing I question is why I was born so darn good lookin' instead of rich. <p>Seriously, if you need reassurance go take a survey down at the local factory, watch the faces of those guys/gals coming out and make sure you ride by with all your equipment. Then look at their faces again and you'll see that jealous look on their faces wishing they had the balls and opportunity to get away from the jobs they have. It's human nature, we are a society that can't be content with what we have and where we're at in life. I'm sure everyone has been burned out at one time or another. A couple months ago I was so ready for it to warm up, now I'm ready for it to cool off, of course if it were green and pretty down here in the heat/drought/death belt I might be a little more forgiving of the heat, so far all it has done is kill the crops and the grass! But I have high hopes that the weather will return to its normal pattern one day and I can cut that tall thick bahai and life will be good, I'lll be behind of course and working even longer hours to stay caught up but hey, life will be good. Soon it will be winter again where I can start to complain about how cold it is and get depressed that everything is brown! <p>The real reason I don't get too down is because I can stop in the middle of the day if I choose to and take a nap, or rent a movie that I haven't seen, or get on the forum and listen to Charles ***** about the drought or play a video game with my son, all the things I couldn't do before without asking, wait, begging for a little time off, or planning a year in advance for a weeks vacation. There are pro's and con's to everything in life, freedom to do as you please when you want to is a big pro for me! I was imprisoned in an environment that didn't allow me freedom of expression without someone saying I had a bad attitude or I was difficult. Come review time the raises were a joke, I can now pick up a residential lawn and automatically give myself at least a $1000.00 a year raise......everytime I get one. The older population will say &quot;we're on a fixed income&quot; what do you think I was on when I had to wait for that paycheck every 2 weeks? A fixed income! Problem is it wouldn't last 2 weeks till the next one, strapped all the time and couldn't see my way out. I ain't rich by no means but I ain't waiting for &quot;da man&quot; to hand me my &quot;wages&quot; and say that my vacation was denied because we really need you on that day!!!!!!! <p>Think about your past, analyze your present, contemplate your future. Your gonna live til you die, make the most of it while your standing!<p>Sorry to ramble,<p>Homer

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Grasshopper -<br>My remedy for burn-out would be to take on a new challenge<p>Add to your knowledge base while adding to the services you provide your clients.Are you strictly a cutter? Come up with a cutting/aeration/fertilizing package deal to sell to you existing client base. Are you a certified sprayer? If not, why not? Do you do new lawn installations -- seed, sprig, sod and hydro? If not, go learn about it and add it to your available services. Learning something new is a good way to get over a burn-out hump.<p>Another thing to think of, if you are not already, is to get involved in your local or regional organizations. Most states and regions have severtal green industry organizations you can join, and many offer great eduicational opportunities, too. Other, non-green industry related organizations like the Kiwanis, Lions Club, or local business organizations not only help the community, but allow you to show our industry in a professional manner while making valuable contacts for your business.<p>Instead of countering burn-out by backing off, get MORE involved. It will benefit you, AND your bottom line.<p>David G. Cassidy<br>Editor<br>TURF Magazine

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Thanks Dave for responding to that other post, I appreciate it.<p>Remedy for burnout .. hows this ...<p>For you guys getting burnout from posting here laboriously .. have you ever thought that you should approach Chuck and actually own a piece of this site? You're doing a lot of work here right? When the site gets bigger, and advertisers support it, what have you gotten from it, aside from things.<p>Why not approach Chuck with the idea of joint ownership of this site. You do a lot of work here, share in the wealth of the site you are helping to create?<p>If you ever wondered what consultants do ... now you know ... I get paid for coming up with ideas. Some of them are worth a king's ransom.<p>Phil Nilsson

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