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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jprince884, Aug 30, 2004.

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    OK...after reading many many posts and talking to a friend in the business, I passed out 500 flyers. One call came in the same day for a $25 reg account and another one today for $40. I offered $35 and she insisted I take $40. She also gave me a 9 yd mulch job for the spring. Also today, I went to an apt complex to ask about mowing and got a $600 job to remove taxis bushes. It sounds like I will also get the mowing acct there too.
    I am the biggest procrastinator. These last few days have got me SO's TOO easy. I plan on going door to door this week. I have some experience with a few landscape companies but I don't know much. Rec's compliments on my first lawn today. Take your time, be professional, and make your kids pass out the flyers; they have fun and you make $$. I have a deal with my son, for every job I get from HIS flyers he gets $5.
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    Just curious JPrince, pondering myself and hadn't gone and officially got a license/insurance. Have you done either or both at this point? Think I'll make up some flyers soon, real soon. Oh and how old are you?


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    Adam, just so you know, you can click on the "profile" button and most members put their age in their profiles.
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    I know it sounds crazy but I don't have insurance yet. I am trying to get set up for next year. With only about two months of mowing left I don't want to pay $47/mo for insurance over the winter. I got a quote of $561/yr through Erie insurance for $1 million liability and it also covers my equipment.

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