Getting calls for people wanting a job?!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by drsogr, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. drsogr

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    What do you guys think of people who call you looking for a job? Has anyone hired anyone this way?

    I get random calls from people out of the phonebook that need a job. Would you interview these people? I think it shows initiative...but why are they looking for a job in the first place....they all sound so desperate.

    I got a call the other day from a lady who got my number off of my truck, she was trying to find a job for her stepson. I thought to this kid must be really lazy if his stepmom is looking for work for him.
  2. LindblomRJ

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    I am not a fan of phone calls from job seekers, the out of the blue calls. It is a little different if you are looking for employees. If I am not hiring I am not hiring. End of discussion. I would have asked step mom, did you see a help wanted sign on my truck?
  3. Paradise Landscapes

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    Some people want to try new places of employment. What better way of finding a different job in any industry then the yellow pages?
  4. sheshovel

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    Calling companies in the phone book is not an intelligent way to find is a lazy way to not find work.
  5. TforTexas

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    I don't know, when I was looking for work as a lawn care professional. I would go through the yellow pages and make a list of companies I was interested in and drive around and call on them. I didn't usually call first, that would give them an oppourtunity to say "no", plus it gives me a chance to see the office, shop, trucks, equip, etc.. If it was someone working out of his home, no way, if the office was a dump or dirty, drive on. If it was clean and professional, with good looking trucks and equip, it might be someone I would go to work for and I would stop and present them with my resume. If someone is looking for work and shows the inititive to call or come in I would take his resume or application, it couldn't hurt to have some apps on file if a key person quits on you. I worked for people who thought it motivated the workers to see applicants coming in and a stack of applications on your desk, I quess sending the message "you could be replaced".
    Having said that, I would NEVER hire someone who's mother-in-law, mother, wife, etc called me about. If you cant come in or talk to me yourself, forget it, your not that serious about working.
  6. procut

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    I got a few of these calls.

    Your story reminds me of something that happended last season. I was driving, and this lady in a Chrysler Sebring is tailgating about 10" off the back of the trailer. Followed me for at least a mile like this. I pull into my account, she follows. I get out and walk to the back of the trailer, when she gets out of her car and says, "Are you looking for any help with your job here, becasue I have a young man at home that needs a job." I declined.
  7. topsites

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    Ohhhh man lol tailgating's a big pet peeve of mine, I get so frustrated I even turned my mirrors slightly off-center so I don't see them unless I want to (but I still know they're there, not seeing them helps thou).

    Someone following is bad news, too... This is one where I'm likely to lock my doors and rest my hand on the horn until they leave, especially if they were riding my bumper, it's just too much... That is if I don't find a square resi block I can drive around and around and around and around and then some more, until they give up (lol well it is funny, kinda).

    But as far as getting asked for hire, I haven't had anyone ask me that in 2 years and I'm real glad because the simple answer is an emphatic No! If they ask, I tell them I never hire because I lack the tolerance to work with or around others.
  8. Az Gardener

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    Everyone that ever started a lawn care business started out of their home. I think passing on those companies is possibly a mistake. Getting in early with a young company is a great opportunity. You may have some influence with a small company. With a bigger one you may not get a chance to impress the people who need to see you. Nobody wants the new guy showing them up.

    I operate out of my house, my guys are well paid, they have health insurance and we do some of the most elite homes in the valley. I think it would be a poor business decision on my part to spend 2-K per month on rent.

    When the right property becomes available I will buy, but I wont be forced into a bad financial decision to impress anyone. Least of all someone looking for a job that I did not advertise for.

    But I guess if someone put their home address in the yellow page add they are not the brightest bulb in the box either.
  9. ArizPestWeed

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    Az Gardener , you all stole our rain .
    Next chance , monsoons , 2.5 months away
  10. Az Gardener

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    Was that rain? I thought a bird pissed on me. 2.5 months? Ha ! I'll believe it when I see it.

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