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Ok, <br>I own a landscaping and peoperty maint. co. here in Michigan, and for the past three years we have hired sub contractors to spray our properties. We are now looking to become a certified to spray ourselves. We have contacted the state and recieved information on becoming certified, but there is a problem. In order for our company to become certified someone within the company must have two years exp. spraying for another company. have any of you guys run into this? What did you do? Some ideas would be helpful.<br>Andy<br>


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Hey I am from Mich also and I have the same prob. There really is no way to get one unless you have worked for someone, or you have taken classes that meet there standards, and who has time for this. What you need to do is find someone that does this work and have them put you on there payroll, if it is worth it to you, you would of coarse have to pay them extra, but this is really the only way of getting around it. I found that it is better not even to mess with the stuff. The profit margin is so low on the stuff, unless you make your own, that it isn't even feasible to do it. You are better of subcontracting it out.


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Andy, the 2 yr requirement is probably general procedure to get the turf category license in MI. In IN you must work as a trainee (registered technician=RT). You must pass a general test for the RT license, then you can apply general use pesticides under supervision of a Licensed Applicator; after a time in training, you can take the core and category exams for full licensing. The reason for these procedures is that the states are authorized to license, but the training burden has been placed on the lawn care industry. In fact, in IN the state lawn care assn. coordinates the initial RT testing.
Suggest you meet face to face with someone from your state licensing authority to find how a person in your position can obtain a license. I have found that the licensing authorities will use other avenues than the generally used route, but you have to be honest with them. Email me if you want more details.

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Hey Andy...i know this post is kind of old put u really dont need 2 years experiance in the pesticide field...i have my licence and i got away with having over 2 years experience in the lawn care field......thats really all they require b/c think about it, it u cant spray with out a licence then how are you going to get your 2 years experience in if you cant get your licence.

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