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Getting closer, I think..


LawnSite Member
Mattituck NY
Still trying to figure out which rider to go with. I have it down to a 48 Scag Tiger Cub with a 21hp Kawi for $6300 or a 48 Exmark Hp with a 20 Kohler for $6499. I dont know this decision is driving me nuts! Both dealers are pretty good. The Scag guy is like 2 min for my place the Exmark is about 12 min. Lets hear it guys, whatcha think?


LawnSite Senior Member
War Eagle!!
Exmark, just got mine a week ago and love it!!

of course I have never used a Tiger Cub so i cannot tell you the difference in the two, but the Exmark is an excellent machine!!


LawnSite Platinum Member
I would base decision on whether the dealer is 2 minutes or 12 minutes away. Neither is that far from you and should be visiting him that often anyway with a new mower purchase.


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Flint, Michigan
Go with the higher quality. Not only of machine, but of cut and performance.