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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by envirolandscape, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. envirolandscape

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    Any advice on how to successfully market to new commercial clients? Hand out flyers/business cards? Price the job and meet with perspective client and give them pricing? What do you find they are looking for?
  2. outrunjason

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    I would like to know this also. I just run into a dead end everytime.
  3. John Zaprala

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    I was asking this same question last year... my answer turns out to be networking.
    There's a few ways of breaking into the commercial scene. Did you ever look in the classifieds? they actually ask people to bid on commercial jobs in the local papers for churches, schools, companies. A lot of these properties are owned or cared for by someone who doesn't ever touch foot on that property. Unless you have a good sales pitch it's gonna be hard to take an account without being a "low-baller."
    I joined something called Le tip. Sounds stupid, but it's $135 a quarter, there's probably something like this wherever you live, and you'll make back that money in one job. What it is obviously a network of local business persons, BUT only one from each profession. So each week I get references from realtors, doctors, lawyers, who are also in this network. The deal is whenever one of my customers happen to mention they need a new lawyer or a roofer or whatever I refer the other ppl in my network.
  4. envirolandscape

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    Thanks John, I hadn't considered either of those. I'll check them out:)
  5. outrunjason

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    Good info. What a waste it is to walk in there and talk your self to deaf ear. The person at the desk half the time doesn't care, manager is not there, or they still have to have you call someone else who is not at that location. If you leave info it gets thrown away.

    Here is my question now. I have a daycare account that is a good account. I really got it because my wife works there. It is a chain daycare and I would love to have others. I checked on some others but turns out the guy owns like 6 and they are all over the place. I don't even know if it would be worth it with them spread out so much. So, since I have one daycare account how do I market to the other daycares with the same name. EX: I mow lets say Childrens Tree House in Plano. I have been doing it for 2 years. But there are about 30 Children Tree Houses in the metroplex here. How do I get others since I have one?

    Thanks, Jason
  6. lawnpro724

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    The worst thing you can do is call or stop by a commercial account they are busy and don't like being bothered. I pick up 2-3 commercial accounts every year and sometimes more with direct mail. I send out a business packet to area businesses that includes: intro letter, company flyer, business card. the intro letter includes years in business, what we do and how are employees are trained, insurance info and so on. It works because they can read it over when they have time and call if they would like more information and they do. I have almost half of the businesses in are area that are worth mowing and I get alot of other work so I'm saying this from experience.
  7. kkls2006

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    This is what we do as well, Except sometimes I will Quote the basic services as well that way the business owner can see the pricing and make a decision at his/her leisure. This has worked very well for us, We only quote the stuff in our service area therefore we only get the stuff in our service area...
  8. MRMelton

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    Could you post a copy of the intro letter and company flyer you use in your direct mail. I've done some direct mail with postcards focusing on residential with great success but would like to do some focusing on commercial.

  9. jbailey52

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    Yea.. why hasnt anyone posted one of these.. would prob be of great help to a lot of people
  10. mexiking

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    yeah.... thatd be cool

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