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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puffyhead929, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. puffyhead929

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    What is the best way of getting commercial accounts? What do you need in order to get them?
  2. meets1

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    Lately in my area. You need to be able to walk in the front door, say you want to submit a bid, low ball that bid so bad that you even hurt and now look - you just got your first commercial account!
  3. Frue

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    Thats about it just simply ask what you are currently being priced then tell them I will cut it by 5 bucks. Its yourssssssss
  4. ALC-GregH

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    damn, it's that easy? LOL
  5. Frue

    Frue LawnSite Bronze Member
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    commercial has fallen way off around here its not the smartest move to fo commercial because of the current attitude. I had rite aide call me and say if you are 20% cheaper we will go with you o well. Stay residential and selected commercial.
  6. packey

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    To be quite honest I have had no problem going up on any of my commercial sthis year and I also picked up several more. It is not the comercial accounts that hurt. It is the major national retailers like cvs walgreens and Wal Mart, K mart that seem to be wanting lower bids than last year. However the rest of my commercials not only did not even flench at the price hike I had one major property management company ask if my price hike was enough because of fuel prices. Maybe it helps being in a less competive market. Most of my commercial accounts are bid out at 65 per hour with a one hour minimum. K mart and walgreens flipped with this high of a bid but yesterday kmart said ok. I think it was becasue the store manager knew the only other lco that would do my level of work would bid the same price. and we are the only two that are insured. Walgreens called back and is tring to get me to go down but I told them take it or leave it. I don't need thier account it just would be nice because it is a new building and new lanscape in the middle of town and I could really showcase on it but oh well if they want it cheaper they can try and find it

    Now for how to find these accounts I personally go in and speak with the store directore, business manager or the owner. Sometimes I speak with all of the above. Most are starting to learn who I am and it is getting easier
  7. edgeman2003

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    Is it to late to pick up these types of accounts

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