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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingismylife, Jun 27, 2004.

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    Hey guys i posted a while back about Mowing prices in the Culpeper/Warrenton area because i was just moving here from Ohio. I have been here for about a month and i am having no luck getting customers i have only had a few calls and i do odd jobs as a side service for customers also. I mainly use flyers and put them up at all the big food stores where i know people will have to go and they will see them but i am not having any luck. I need some advice on what i should do? Newspaper ad? Realtors? what? I live in the Bealton/Midland area and have posted all the way up in Culpeper to Warrent and hit every place that would let us post with flyers but i really need some advice big time. Thanks
    Also one more thing i did give a estimate to my father in laws boss and his lawn was pretty big and said it took him about 4 hours to mow it and i gave up a estimate for weekly mowing and trimming and it would be about $150 because it was a big yard was that to high? and he said it was to high so we went down to about $70 and it was still to high what would have been a fair price you think? thanks for any help and Advice
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    No way to tell if you are too high without seeing the property and knowing what kind of equipment you are using. Can't really tell anything by knowing how long the owner takes either, he may be using a 19" electric and stopping every 10 minute for a beer.

    As far as flyers, ok to put them up at different locations, but you more than likely won't get much response from them. You have to put them out on each door in an area you want to work.
  3. mowingismylife

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    The lawn is about 3 to 4 acres and its all flat mainly with a few hills and about 28 trees small to med size. I am using a 42incher to mow it and my girlfriend does the trimming. He said the last guy or whoever mowed it charged i think only $50 and i thought this was way to low for such a big lawn. I am new to Va tho but i have been told the basic starting price around where i live is $25 to $35. Back in Ohio i had a lawn that was not even have this yard maybe a acre or so and they paid me $40 to mow and trim weekly and i was only charing them $35. I just went with the flyer thing at stores because i had such good luck with it in ohio. I will check into passing flyers around at houses and stuff. Is there any more ideas other then that? I also advertise on the web to at local city websites and stuff.
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    Could be the flyer itself....Does it look professional?.....What is on it? Maybe you could post a copy for review?.....Just a thought but we usually have very good response from flyers.....Far better than the yellow pages or most any other method I can think of....
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    As for the lawn $70.00 is too cheap, however I would push this price to have something. I talked to a customer last week. She worked for an advertising company that sent out these sales coupons to different homes. I believe that the name is Value said that she could come up with a direct mailing for my company at 18 cent per house hold. This price incleded postage, printing, etc. It also included that my advertising would not be a part of multiple companies flyers. So, the customer would see my flyer/ post card alone. Direct mailings this year and last has grown my company form 25 lawns to over 80 in the past 2 years. My suggetsion is to use the yellow pages and find a company in the area that might be able to do the same thing for you.

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    Lol, I wish I could find a girl friend that would do the trimming for me!!! Thats awsome!
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    I am new to my own biz this year. My best responce is flyers color and profesional looking. I hang them in plastic bags on mailbox flags. This is fairly quick and easy. Eight hundred flyers got about 20 jobs this spring.
    We also run ads in the small local paper its cheeper to get a big color add in a small local paper in CT.
    Hope this helps you. Give um hell!
  8. Steppenwolf

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    70 dollars a lawn of that size...walk away, get a few smaller one at thirty a piece that only take 30 minutes to do. Four acres at 70 bucks!!! wow!!! he is just trying to get it done cheap,if you are just starting out never go below 25 bucks an hour,only if you are just starting out would I say 25 bucks per hour...@ 25 bucks per hour you might make a little profit,maybe enough for some cash flow but that would be about it.At that rate you would be better off working for a company that pays benefits etc,
  9. viking72

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    Steppenwolf has it right, you do not have the equipment for large lots. I would look for older subdivisions with smaller lawns
    half to quater acre.
    Good Luck and welcome to Virginia.
  10. Steppenwolf

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    If the lot is 3 acres, don't go below 180. Meassure it and find out how big it really is, with a 42 inch mower,stay with the smaller yards. Do you have a walk behind,rider,tractor,these factors make a difference in if you can mow it and make a buck. Stay with the smaller yards,name and ph # on truck,shave, don't smoke while working on site,do a good job,blow and trim all,keep grass out of the beds etc. Just a few hints,the people are watching you even if the blinds are closed:)

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