Getting customers to follow you??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LMS-nc, Feb 11, 2018.

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    For the guys that have left a bigger company to start a company on your own:

    How or did you get your customers to follow you?

    Where I work now (fertilizer and pesticide company) I have sold a crap ton of accounts and have also had to treat these lawns 7 times a year. So needless to say, I have a relationship with all of these customers by seeing them throughout the year. Also we live in medium size town so I often see customers out and about with my family. I have never sign a non-compete contract or anything like that. I want them to know I’ve started my own biz. What to do??
  2. rclawn

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    If you’re talking about stealing customers from your old boss, no. That is an unethical practice and you should be thankful your previous company paid you a living wage, provided you with the resources you needed and the knowledge to be in the position to start your own business. Don’t bite the hand that fed you. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so go advertise and get your own customers like they did. How would you feel if you hired a guy and he quit to start on his own after you trained him... then stole your customers?
  3. sehitchman

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    Wrong on so many levels. If you decide to do this, as your former employer I'd slap you with a court order to cease and desist making sure you were held up just long enough so as to not being able to service any accounts at all. Then drag it out so long you are broke from legal fees. That customer list is valuable company property and it could be considered theft. JMHO
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    You advertise in whatever ways you choose and hope they see it.

    Poaching customers is pretty low; right up there with stealing another guy’s equipment.

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yea do not operate that way it's about the most desperate way to start your business.
    Did your current boss/job train you & give you the years experience to possibly start your own business ? If yes - then you should thank him - not screw him.
  6. jonnyz37

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    If it is legal to do it .. Then do it If it is illegal.... Then don't Forget ethics. Try To win anyway its legal to do so.
  7. TPendagast

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    Get your own customers
    You don’t want to go down this path
    Big company could sue you for purposefully targeting their customers
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  8. TPendagast

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    Is different
    He’s not going to jail for it
    It he’s going to pay dearly for it if they sue him because they will win.

    Deliberately soliciting existing customers is protected by unfair business practices laws.
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    Wonder where he went???
  10. dKoester

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    Who knows..... but your stripes are nice though! lol
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