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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Black95gt, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Black95gt

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    What is the best way to get customers? I am just starting off and made a business card and a flyer, but i cant send out flyers unless i put them in their door. I would like to get a few accounts yet this year, but am looking hard to get customers for snow removal this winter. I am thinking about mailing all the other companies in town my flyer to either be a sub-contractor or have them pawn off any customers that they do not want or cant take on. What is everyones suggestion? I am going to get a sign for my truck, but those are my only options at this point.


    What does everyone charge for an hourly rate? I was thinking between 20-25 dollars an hour for lawn care and $65 an hour for snow removal with the truck and $30/hr for snow blowing and shoveling. Does that sound to high or too low? Any advice would sure help.

    Thanks everyone
  2. BCSteel

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    Try typing in advertising or marketing in the search function. That works good too.
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi Black95gt,

    This is how many Lawnsite members distribute their flyers. It's a great way to meet potential clients as well.
  4. sdog882007

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    the longer the truck you are using the less money you can charge to push snow, ex. if you are using a f-350 crew cab, and a long bed you could charge 35-45 per hour, if you are pushing with a f350 single cab, short bed than you could charge 50-60. i hope that will help you out
  5. lawnjockey51

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    Yeah, and if I cut your lawn with the 21 inch mower I charge you $50.00, but if I use the 60 inch ZTR to cut the same lawn I only charge $12.00 ... DUH
  6. Black95gt

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    Why would i charge less if i was using a bigger truck? What is the difference. Using a regular cab over a crew cab is obviously going to be easier to push with, but what difference would it make to what i charge???? I dont get it!!
  7. Big Lew

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    yea, it's like when your running out of gas ....ya need to drive
    faster so you get to where your going "before" you run out.
  8. CamLand

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    Check you PM...
  9. Ken Kesey

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    You seriously need to consider taking a business class. It will help you out tremendously.

    Your local Chamber Partnership may hold them for free.

    What you charge will depend on your overhead. Working for what other people may work for will put you out of business fast.

    Figure out how much it costs you to run your business on an hourly rate, a break-even point. Then add on a % of what you need to make the desired amount of profit.

    Never go by what someone else charges because they will have different costs than you and must charge differently than you. Even if you're in the same ballpark within a few dollars it doesn’t matter.

    Go by what YOU need to make a profit.

    Spend your advertising dollars wisely. You don’t need truck lettering right away. Get in the phone book or other form of paper that people actually use.

    Good luck.
  10. PMLAWN

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    I believe you are charging too little for lawncare.
    To get business start by telling everyone you know that you are doing this and see if you can get a few lots. Put you name on your truck and they will call. In 3 years I have signed about 130 hours of maintenace work a week and sell about 40 hours of landscape each week just by word of mouth. do a good job and the word will spread. Good luck

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