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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by stevenf, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. stevenf

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    To start my second year I got 1,500 doorhangers. I started passing them out about 8 days ago. I passed out 320ish and have received 6 phone calls from people.
    First one was a seasonal cut @ $30.00 each, never heard from her again.
    Second was a flowerbed install that I later found that I WAY under bid myself, still, They never responded.
    Third was some woman trying to sell me phone book space.
    Fourth was for weekly cuts @ $30.00 each, never heard from her
    Fifth was someone wanting small flowerbed/yard refresh (got this one at $100.00)
    Sixth was some guy telling me he does side jobs and ask if I needed any help passing out business cards and flyers.

    Is it always like this?!?!?! Should I try and avoid these average neighborhoods and just go for higher class?
    I can tell in there voice when they dont want it. They leave me with either " I have to talk to my husband" or " Well, let me think about it"

    THRIFTY LawnSite Member
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    Its early man. Customers in the lawn biz like to shop around, just be as professional, polite, and helpful as you can and the accounts will come. FYI: I used to START advertising in April...Now I start March 1st and some will say that is still early. Most people aren't thinking of lawn care just yet. Keep your chin up my friend!
  3. barefeetny

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    this is why i don't do doorhangers...

    poor response rate.... better off walking door to door with cards and talking to people...

    slower but more cost effective
  4. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Sounds like you need to work harder on closing the deal. If they give you one of those comments asks them what they think about the price. Most will say I got another flyer or something from another service saying any lawn $20 type crap. Thats an opening for you to tell them why they should choose your service over the next. For me, I mention being insured and tell them how to make sure who ever they get has it and usually 80% of the time they sign up right then and there.
  5. nobagger

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    I personally never tried door hangers or direct mailers of any kind. IMO they are expensive and take a while to deliver. I have always just used news paper advertising and another one I have used is our local Penny Saver. In the spring I will get anywhere from 5-10 calls a day with running these ads. This is something that works for me and might not work for you. All I can say is around here its way too early for advertising lawn care and just stick with it. Every one in here told me when I first started out not to get discouraged and just keep pluggin' away. As far as bidding too low....that is a direct result from not knowing the market in your area and having a BUSINESS PLAN in place. Get one in place and you will be more confident in your bidding and you and the customer will notice that.
  6. stevenf

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    Last season, I passed out 200 doorhangers and got 11 accounts that no doubt will roll over to this year. I guess I was just planning on getting the same response. Mabey it is just to early. The job that I did get is a one time deal which means he let it go all winter and wants it cleaned up now.
    you guys that do flyers and doorhangers, Do you usually target the higher class, cleaner lawns or do you go for the ones that look like they arent serviced?
    Another thing. One guy called me telling me he got a business card on his door and he ask for Steven. First, I dont have business cards yet, second, I dont put my name on any of my advertisements. Some of these people are freaking me out.
  7. stevenf

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    I am confident with my bids. They are the right price for my area. Just when I bid a one time job at $80.00 or $100.00 and people turn it down... Gets me worked up thinking "Who in the world would do this job any cheaper?".... I need to find these guys and hire them lol

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    To get 11 customers from only 200 doorhangers is a lot....I would be happy with 2-4 calls from that amount. And that's just calls. 6 calls off of 320 is good too.
  9. IA_James

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    Stick with it. There will be times when you couldn't get somebody to allow you to mow if you paid 'em, and times when they just about beg you to do it, and then are pleasantly surprised at what you charge. I had a customer last year who got shafted by some fly by night outfit, never got a business card, receipt, anything from him. He started calling every outfit in town trying to track this cat down. He got to me, the wife told him that it wasn't me (she knew good and damn well I only had 2 accounts, and he wasn't either one) but I might be able to help him out. I was about 6 blocks away mowing 1/2 of my accounts, went over, scooped him up in about 30 minutes, and he paid me for 2 months of service a week later. After he got my contact info.:laugh:
  10. stevenf

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    What would you say your call:accounts closed ratio is?

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