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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EH909, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. EH909

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    So we had a guy working for us for a couple weeks and he was doing an "ok" job at trimming at the beginning and then last week he got lazy an has scalped all the edges down to dirt on multiple properties, and now within the next week the temps are supposed to be pushing 100. Question being, do any of you have techniques to getting the edges to come back quick or advice on what to do other than fire him because that has already been taken care of.

    Best part being when he got questioned about it, his reply was "My lines were pretty good though, that's all that matters right".
  2. kawakx125

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    i edge very lightly in the summer months to avoid this, don't know of any way to get them to come back that quickly
  3. Sprinkler Buddy

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    Sounds like he wanted to be fired, it's more work to burn them down like that. lol

    Or he wanted to only be the mower guy! That back "fired" on him.

    No quick fix but it'll come back slowly.
  4. 32vld

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    Did he use a line trimmer or a stick edger?

    Hard to mess up using a stick edger.

    I assume he was not working solo. So question is why was his bad work not caught and stopped after the first property?

    Easier and less skill to mow. Harder and more skill to edge. Yet LCO's always put the lowest paid lowest skilled person on the job that can make a mowing look at it's worst.
  5. monoshock

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    100% true, never made any sence to me.
  6. QLM

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    That sucks! You are only as good as your weakest link. Have your employes use a stick edger should never happen again unless they don't listen to you. I know it is more time and cost but if you loose customers because if this it will be a drop in the bucket compared to blades and a stick edger.

    You could water the edges only while you are there. It works well with st aug down here. Grass will grow toward the moisture. No fast fix.
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    Thats why I don't like doing vertical string trimming all the end up with burnt edges and then the hot summer prohibits the edges from growing. You know, I can even remember working for guys who would let some sections go with no string every 2nd or 3rd cut, you would trim sections only as needed, with NO vertical string trimming. Obviously if a section is looking crappy then trim. Edges wont brown out this way..just like the grasss wont thin out if you mulch while mowing
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  8. EH909

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    Yes he was a solo operation as he had worked for us the prior year and like I said was "ok", so this year the boss man let him go on his own and this is what it lead to.

    The part that drives me crazy is that this year I wasn't doing the lawn maintenance, I was just doing jobs as equipment operator along with trimming hedges and trees, and now I am being put back to taking his route as well. Anyways with his shitty work mine will look that way until I can get the edges back and I am as meticulous as can be and don't leave until everything is perfect. guess the only option is to explain to every customer and hope they will be patient.

    As for losing customers, try 5 in two weeks, so about $380 a week worth
  9. 32vld

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    You avoided answering stick edger or line trimmer.

    As to telling the customer that there edges are messed up.

    Have you realized that the messenger is always the one that gets shot?

    I would keep my mouth closed. Those edges will eventually grow back.
  10. twomancrew

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    Patience and it will grow. I wouldn't have fired him. I always run into some problem when a new helper comes along. It's not their fault you didn't train well enough. It doesn't happen overnight. Chances are greater this will happen again with another new guy, or you will train differently which shows it was not totally on the guy that did poorly. Change your ways, not employees.

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