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    I'm new to the site. I hope I'm not breaking any rules or posting a question that has been asked 100 times. I've used the search function and found a few suggestions. I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

    We just moved in to a new home this fall. The yard as "green", but not what I would prefer. The back yard is mostly bermuda. Now that it's winter it has a few onions popping up, and a few other random grasses creeping in here and there. It isn't bad.. but I would like to get rid of the other stuff.

    The front yard is worse. While it is largely bermuda, it has a ton of other stuff mixed in. It isn't anything particular that I can identify. It basically looks like the previous owners took a bag of mixed seed and started throwing it wildly.

    My back yard borders a golf course (it borders a bermuda rough area).

    A landscaper came out this fall, and he recommended overseeding with rye for the winter. I let him do it. He wound up spreading it by hand and did sort of a crappy job. About half the front yard has rye overseeded, the other half is dormant bermuda and other mixed stuff.

    I would like to get the entire yard (back and front) back to bermuda and get rid of everything else. I admittedly do not know anything about lawns. My thought was to wait until a little later this winter and hit the entire yard with Roundup. I thought I would give that a little time, then cut the yard really low. I would then aerate and de-thatch the yard and spread more bermuda.

    Is this a bad plan? Is there another spray I should be considering besides Roundup? Corsair? Revolver?

    I also need to keep in mind that I have neighbors on each side. Both of their yards are fescue. If I spray, I need to be sure it is only going to affect the areas I spray - I can't let it creep over in to their yard and kill it.

    Will the Roundup only temporarily kill the fescue/etc that is mixed in? Will that stuff just grow back in the summer?
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    Here in FL, when Bermuda gets in lawns it tends to take them over with time. I would over seed the dormant areas with more rye seed so its not an eye sore this winter.

    I wouldn't spray the lawn with round up unless your planning on sodding the whole lawn. Killing everything will only invite more weeds to take over before any grass seed will take in the growing season.

    Regular mowing etc... I believe it will take care of itself. If your patient, that is also the most economical approach. Good luck!
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    You are correct about roundup. When the grass is dormant spray it. The Bermuda will come back in the spring as normal. In June overseed with Bermuda grass mixed 1 part sees to 5 parts sand out of a rotary spreader.
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    I have a real easy solution. I mentioned this to someone else recently on here.

    1. Bring lots of beer to golf course super.
    2. compliment him on a wonderful job he is doing.
    3. Tell him you have an idea that will bring him more beer.
    4. Ask him if the next time they do aerification to tees or greens (best grass they have) that they dispose of the plugs at your home. What may also be a shortcut for them.
    5. They have machines that can spread that stuff out nice.....or labor for cash.
    6. Bring him beer or do a cookout for the crew (they are busy) during aerification as a thanks.
    7. water like crazy for 2 weeks and there it is.

    if you are lucky, they will have some sort of sweet ultradwarf.

    8. send me beer when your lawn is awesome, for my awesome idea. :drinkup:

    just have this area sprayed out and all prep finished before they come
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    Just curious is your lawn wide open sun and what is the most plentiful grass in your area?? If all your neighbors are Fescue lawns you having Bermuda seems a bit strange..

    I would go with round up if Bermuda is dormant right now. Be very careful along edges, but round up will only kill what it contacts. I would also apply a crab grass pre emergent such as Prodiamine before soil temps hit 55 degrees. Once lawn starts greening up good hit it with a good blend of slow release fert with higher nitrogen to promote Bermuda growth and spreading..Repeat this every 4-6 week's..

    Mowing frequently 3-5 days will also promote spreading of the turf grasses as well as good watering practices.

    Now with all that said my best advice is Hire a Professional Company
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