Getting even with a deadbeat for'n doctor

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Last summer I did a clean up for a Dr. in a highly medical district where the city if very stict on enforcing codes. The yard was in horribel shape, small yard but waist high and I was stupid enough to do 2 things, NEVER deal with a Hindu ************Indian, Never do it without getting paid up front if its ANY *** dr. I found out the city was fixing to fine him big time. I only charged him a lousy 35 bucks because he was, and I mean was my dr. at that time. I have tried to get my money out of him since July with no avail. I went by his office last month and handed the ticket to his receptionist and anounced real loud, "WILL YOU PLEASE ASK THE DR. TO PAY THIS BILL, IT IS 9 MONTHS PAST DUE AND YOU ALL WANT ME TO PAY WHEN I CAME IN! There was about 15 people in the office at the time. The girl leaned over the counter and whispered, "I know you are aggravated, you are not the only one that comes by here trying to get money, he does not like to pay his bills". The yard has not been done since last July and it is waste high and covered in trash and limbs. I called city hall and talked to the person that enforces the codes. Said he would be glad to inspect it immediatley and take appropiate action and thanked me. I hope they fine this SOB big time. I even left a bill on his brand new Lexus 2 months ago and still no reply. I actually hope he calls me where I can get my cash up front then not do it! Bt gawd, he will send you a bill quickly if your insurance does not pay. People like thsi just PIZZ me off to no end:mad: :mad: :realmad:
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    I flat out refuse to do anything for those beings (I dont call them people anymore). I had a commercial account that needed some irrigation work done. It was over my head so I had a guy come out and do it and the bill came to $597.65 and I billed him $600.00. He wouldnt pay and wouldnt pay wanted a detailed bill, then wanted the bill that I got from the people who did the work, then said he didnt authorize it. I finally said f'n pay it or dont I dont f'n care. Told him we can go to court. Well he paid, but paid only $597.65.

    I am really thinking about taking it to court just to prove my point. Im not quite sure yet what that point is, but I am really thinking of doing it.

    Ever think of making an appointment to see him not showing, calling the next day and say yyou had a family emergency, rescheduling, then call 15 minutes before asking for a later appointment, then call adn demand your money? That actually has worked for me before.
  3. Vikings

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    I have teh same problems with a group of Italians so its not just punjabis.
  4. Uranus

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    When I read the title of you thread I was hoping you didn't do anything stupid. Glad to see you handled it well and didn't do anything that would get you arrested. Good move on calling the lawn police. It might be worth you time to call the inspector and ask what his findings where and what actions were taken. :clapping:
  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    No, Uranus, I will never do anything illegal or stupid (except post a hooker thread that got deleted real fast)! :)
  6. jray3369

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    I had the same deal, took two month but it was with plowing. One day i went to his work (i still dont know what he does, some kind of food store) and beat on the door and he wrote me a check.

    I went there two weeks before i got paid and his wife came to the buisness door and said "He will be back next week, he went out of the country" Oh man!
  7. Harrington Landscape

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    round up in a supersoaker ha ha
  8. MTR

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    You are right on these people cause in their country they don't consider you as worker or entrepreneur but slave class who work for owner (him) for nothing. They still do that way here in US and they think they can get away with it too.
  9. Beau Rivage

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    That Lexus must have been tempting.:laugh: 35 bucks isn't worth the hastle of small claims but I'm not sure I could have kept my car keys in my pocket on the way out of his office. Pay me now or pay Mako later.:angry:
  10. haybaler

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    I don't like to be racist, but I know exactly what you mean. I dealt with one last year and he nickle and dimed me the whole job. then at the end I gave him the bill, no check. drove over to his house and he made the excuse that he ran out of checks. Then went back to the house and there were some other contractors there trying to get money and his tenant (he owned a duplex) said he went to NYC for a month to try to get some money. So I tracted his brother down that owned a video store and it had a big going out of business sign on it. So I went in there and picked out 5 videos went to the counter and told him his brother would pay for them and walked out.

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