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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by South Hills Lawns, Sep 16, 2019.

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    My best advice is to make friends with others in the business. Long before I had crews and multiple licenses I networked heavily with others. Too many guys treat other LCO's as their sworn enemy.

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    Another option is to use a temp agency.. I know guys on here who use them daily, if I expand I’ll be going the same route
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    I am not surprised. I priced it long ago, and I swear I had a $800/month policy. I have so many policies that I didn't really know what was being drafted out of my account for what. When I finally asked about it my agent said I didn't have a LTD policy. I never could find any paperwork, but I could have sworn I did. Oh well. What can ya do after the fact? Now I can't get any because of my health. I guess the best thing is to get enough to cover the very basics so you don't lose your home, and can keep the lights on, and buy some food. Maybe $25,000 per year. It's not much, but you can pay some bills. That price you quoted seems really high, but like I said it was 12-14 years ago when I was looking into it. I woiuldn't be surprised if it is that high though based on our line of work. Just shop around I guess and see what is available.
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    Agreed with the make a friend of a competitor. Although I tried twice this year and it failed miserably. We've got so much side biz we could send someone/company. Tried with two different outfits. One called all the leads (it was business ready and waiting to be done on our referral) yet never showed up to any of the jobs. The other did ok on a couple small jobs then screwed over a few of our clients on the money, charging different from what was quoted. Still looking for a friendly competitor. I think it's a great idea though.
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    Yeah, good luck having any customers left. I could see using them if you wanted to find some employees and work with them to train them. then if you find some good ones, maybe hire them on. But waiting until you are disabled and then trying to use a temp agency to keep things running if you could not over see them, would be a disaster.
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    Friendly competition is out there, most can feel others out.. I’m sure you do the same.
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    Temp agency doesn’t do it all, it gives you an employee who wants to work, and is on the books. They cover the fees, you cut a check.. Obviously you still need to run the business side.
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    I just Googled the cost of LTD and it said 1-3% of your covered income is average. I swear my quote was WAY more. I remember going home and telling my wife how insane the price was. Maybe the place I went quoted me way high.
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    Also my customers wouldn’t turn on me like that, and if they did cya. Everyone always wants to deal with me aka the owner etc, so that’s just laughable from my point
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    Not a bad idea. I have one guy I do trust somewhat. I know him well enough to know that he would not try to take my customers. But then sometimes he is so busy he can't help much. He has done a few extra jobs for me as a sub and I just made a little on top of what I paid him. He probably would help me, but I just couldn't see dumping my whole schedule on the guy lol..I have a few friends in the biz, but so far, only one I could trust to do that. I just think dumping an extra job here and there works out, but trying to have him run two businesses may not be something they would be interested in. I agree, you depend on a "friend" and more than half the time, they don't show or cancel, etc..Then you are left having to figure it out on your own anyway.

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