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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by dmk395, Jun 4, 2001.

  1. dmk395

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    How did you all get into the irrigation business? It sure seems profitable, but it also seems to be something that you really need to know alot about before you start installing sprinklers. How did you all learn about irrigation? books, experience classes?
  2. trimmer

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    I first put one in with my farther. Start out just repairing them there is more money in that any way.:blob3:
  3. KD'sLawns

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    I agree with Trimmer. First one that I installed was in my own yard. Sprinkler repairs are good money. Many people use uncertified and unlicensed installers. It is great to come in behind these installers and fix everything right. You do need to ead up on it though. Ortho has a book, "All about sprinkler systems". Also, look for a book titled,"Turf Irrigation Management". Read these books good and make sure that you understand them. You need to get certified and licensed so concentrate on that.
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    There were links to some great sites on installation and troubleshooting a while back, maybe a month or so, you may want to run a search.

    Jim L
  5. HBFOXJr

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    Go to[/URL] and

    Rain Bird for lots of readable and downloadable information on products, design, trouble shooting, etc.

    Get educated first.

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    Any of you guys have your own business and do irrigation ? If so how did you go about getting your license ? I believe in doing things right and get what ever license or permitt I am required to. But I can't get the irrigation license without working for someone for 3 years and no one in there right mind is going to hire an establised landscape contractor to teach them irrigation so they can become a new competitor.. So now what .. Any ideas or know of any alternative ways to supplement or eliminate the apprentiship with education or something ?? Thanks
  7. HBFOXJr

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    Ask the DEP to tell what other qualifications are acceptable to be able to start the licensing process. There are other legitamate ways. NJDEP, Arlene, 609-777-1007

    Why do you want to get into the business? There are more than enough licensed people in the business to serve the demand thats here and more. It'll only make the pie slices smaller. How are you going to get business? Cheap Prices. If your not that kind of guy, then you have to buck the attitude that they will go with the guy with experience rather than the newbie at a similar price.

    Whole think stinks in an over saturated market.

    I get laughed out of places trying to get prices I got 13 years ago and I wasn't overpriced then. Install prices have dropped 30%. If you don't already have lots of clientel you can't survive on service alone and it's hardly worth getting geared up and organized for crumbs.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks Harold,

    I appreciate the feedback and info. The reason I want to get into irrigatation is two fold. For one 6 out of every 10 of my clients have asked if I could install a system for them. Obviously I can't . So they just go to someone else. I want to be able to provide this service to my existing and to new clients. I think in this ever changing economy we need to be diverse to survive. I try to not give cheap prices. If I do it is because I do not know better and it won't happen again.. Experience has been a great teacher for me , But I need to learn more which is why I am here. Thanks for all your info I do appreciate it ..
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  10. gusbuster

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    You're already on the right track with your above statement. I've been doing irrigation now for over 15 years. Learned a lot, fogot a lot. It's the forgetting that always has a price.

    I'm always learning new techniques. I always have the old ways to fall back on. Just keep in your mind that you can always learn something new and not get an attitude of I know everything.

    One thing that I will suggest is find a good local irrigation house. They have been my best help when I get into something over my head. I'm lucky to have 3 different companies less than a 30 minute drive. They all treat me like a king, even though I'm probaly one of their smaller clients.

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