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  1. jcltyson

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    I'm really enjoying my new Super Z 30hp XR-7 66" deck with flex forks. I've run into a slight problem I feel everyone with a Z will have encountered and have a resolution for. With my 60" Toro I used two craftsman ATV/ motorcycle jacks to lift the entire machine (one in the front & one in the rear)high enough to work comfortably on (on my back of course). The dual fingers on each jack fitted perfectly under the bull nose on the front and the belt guards on the rear.
    My Z appears to have, well just an overall lower profile than the Toro. I can't even get the jack under the deck.
    My question is how do you old timers (in the Hustler Z world) raise your machine to change blades, inspect conditions and just do normal maintenance on the under side of the Z world? If there is a specific jack I can purchase or modification I would be glad to do so....
    Thanks for any help you can provide...
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    I hope the title of your thread here doesn't give people the wrong idea..... :dancing: :cool2: :)
    Is your deck raised all the way up when your trying to get under it?
    I have always and still do use just a regular automotive floor jack.
    I jack the mower up from the front of the deck, and in the rear, I just slide it under the frame.
  3. fishinpa

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    Okay, it's up :cool2: ... now what???

    (Per PJ's prompt, I couldn't resist)

    Sorry Man I don't have a Super Z so anything I'd say would be BS.
  4. jcltyson

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    The deck is in it's upper most position when I start. The front of my jack chassis, including the wheels must be a bit taller than some. I saw something in Jungle Jim that looked interesting but didn't know if it would work. Very simple but a bit high in price for what it was. Didn't know if anyone else had encountered this problem.
  5. mike28nc

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    I just went and picked up a SUV jack that will jack up to 21"
  6. puppypaws

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    I have a 10" beam on one of my open sheds that I leave a short piece of chain around all of the time, I drive the mower into the correct position under the chain reach up standing on the mower platform and hook a chain hoist to the chain. I then pull the front of the mower straight up take a impact wrench and change the blades or do what ever I need to while I am under the deck. It takes me about 5 minutes form start to finish, anything you have to hook a chain fall to will work as long as it will support the weight.
  7. Keith

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    I have a Jungle Jim's Jungle Jack. And I find it very strange that I cannot find an actual picture it in use with my Super Z :hammerhead: Here is a picture of it sitting there next to the equipment :laugh:

    I do use it all the time. You have to use a little more muscle on the Super Z than the Lazer, but it works fine. Basically, you will have it lifted and set in 5 seconds. . Before that I actually used ramps, but that was a real pain. If you did not have them right, the blade bolts on two spindles might not have room to come out all the way. Plus they were bulky to work around. The Jungle Jack is a piece of cake. You can use it anywhere you have a solid surface. Much lighter than dragging a jack around. I was hesitant to spend $150 on it, but have never regretted it.

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